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One Heart. One You. Stories - UT Southwestern, Dallas, Texas
... One Heart Stories. Aspirin study ... doses. Walking a fine line: How managing
blood clots might change heart attack prevention. September ... 38k

Heart Doctors - UT Southwestern, Dallas, Texas
Heart. Micro Navigation. Heart AZ; Our Doctors; Research Highlights. ... Home;
Conditions & Specialties; Heart; Our Doctors. Our Heart Doctors. ... 36k

Cardiology and heart services - UT Southwestern, Dallas ...
... Heart. ... Heart Care Guides. UT Southwestern's heart specialists are
experts in diagnosing and treating all heart disorders. ... 30k

Heart Failure: Heart Health - UT Southwestern, Dallas, Texas
UT Southwestern's heart failure experts use the most novel and cutting-edge
diagnostic tests and procedures available to pinpoint the exact nature ... 26k

Congestive heart failure (CHF) - UT Southwestern, Dallas ...
UT Southwestern offers expert treatment for congestive heart failure (CHF),
a condition where the heart does not have the ability to pump blood. ... 26k

Adult Congenital Heart Disease – UT Southwestern, Dallas ...
UT Southwestern's Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program in Dallas provides
complete diagnostic and treatment services for adults with all types ... 32k

Advanced Heart Failure, VAD, and Transplant – UT ...
The specialists at UT Southwestern offer outstanding experience and expertise
to patients with advanced heart failure, including treatments like ... 33k

Heart Rhythm Disorders – UT Southwestern, Dallas, Texas
As a leading center for treating heart rhythm disorders, UT Southwestern in
Dallas offers the latest treatments and technologies, tailored to each ... 34k

Article By Category
... Heart Stories. Aspirin study aspires to settle dosage question. ... Walking a fine
line: How managing blood clots might change heart attack prevention. ... 35k

Patients with Heart Disease: Which Dose of Aspirin Are You ...
A new clinical trial aims to figure out which aspirin dosage is most
effective and safest for patients with heart disease. ... 47k