The Genetics of Fatty Liver Disease

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Teresa Eversole

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Helen Hobbs


Fatty liver disease is becoming an increasing problem in children as well as adults. Sometimes when fat accumulates in the liver it causes injury to the liver which can eventually lead to cirrhosis. We have evidence that some people have a genetic predisposition to develop fatty liver disease and liver injury. Our goal is to understand why this happens and how to stop fat from accumulating. In this study we will try to identify additional genetic factors (such as diet, exercise, and ethnicity) that contribute to risk of developing fatty liver disease and injury.

Participant Eligibility

Male and female patients >= 2yrs old undergoing treatment for fatty liver disease or at risk for fatty liver disease. Family members of these patients may also be invited to participate. All ethnic and racial categories will be included. Patients must be able to speak and read English or Spanish. Patients or their legal guardian must be able to give informed written consent prior to participating.