Study of the Biological and Physical Manifestations of Spontaneous Uric Acid Kidney Stone Disease

Study ID

Cancer Related

Healthy Volunteers

Study Sites

  • UT Southwestern-Clinical Translational Research Center (CTRC)
  • Dallas Veteran's Affairs Medical Center
  • UT Southwestern Ambulatory Services
  • Zale Lipshy University Hospital
  • Parkland Health & Hospital System

Ashlei Johnson-Wilder

Principal Investigator
Khashayar Sakhaee, M.D.

Official Title

Pathophysiology of Uric Acid Nephrolithiasis

Brief Overview

This study has two aims:

Aim 1: To determine the presence of accumulation of fat within cells and the functional
consequences of this in the kidney by correlating kidney fat content with urine test

Aim 2: The investigators will evaluate the effect of thiazolidinedione (pioglitazone) on
excess fatty acid accumulation in kidney tissue and its correlation with uric acid stone
formation in subjects with uric acid stones.

Participant Eligibility

Inclusion Criteria:

- Subjects with uric acid kidney stone disease

- Age > 21 years

Exclusion Criteria:

- Body weight> 350 lb

- Chronic alcohol use

- Chronic liver disease

- Chronic renal disease

- Anemia

- Contraindication to pioglitazone use:

- history of congestive heart failure NYHA class III or IV

- significant pedal edema

- liver failure

- not willing to practice an effective contraception for the duration of the study

- Thiazolidinedione use in the preceding 18 months