Relationship Between Immediate Post-operative Eyelid Position and Final Eyelid Position in Patients Undergoing Posterior Approach Ptosis Repair Surgery

Study ID
STU 122011-107

Cancer Related

Healthy Volunteers

Study Sites

  • UT Southwestern Ambulatory Services

Yesenia Leach

Principal Investigator
Robert Beaulieu


The study design will be a prospective observational study of all patients who undergo posterior approach ptosis repair at university of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. any patient who is scheduled to undergo this specific surgery will be offered the opportunity for inclusion and consented as per iRB protocol. Following local iRB approval, prospective patients will be approached and the study consenting procedure will be performed at the pre-op appointment. The standard of care will be maintained preoperatively, operatively, and post-operatively, with no deviations from the standard sequence of care except for only one additional step. The added research step is the addition of hemi-facial photograph that will be taken immediately after surgery in the recovery room to document the immediate post-operative appearance and position of the eyelids. The bilateral image of the eyes will capture the facial anatomy from the bridge of the nose up to the eyebrows; this will ensure patient anonymity since no other identifiable features will be captured. This photograph will be compared to standard of care photographs obtained at post-operative weeks 6 and 12 to determine the correlation, if any, between the immediate post-operative appearance and the final outcome. additional information, such as the patient's age, gender, race, ethnicity, clinical history, past medical history, ophthalmic medical notes, laboratory testing, imaging and pathology reports may be reviewed to determine if the relationship between the immediate post-operative appearance and the final outcome may also be influenced by other factors. The maximum number of study participants will be 100, and participation will be offered to all patients who undergo posterior approach ptosis surgery beginning at the time of iRB study approval until cessation of the study at up to one calendar year after commencement.

Participant Eligibility

Ability to give informed consent and attend all study visits. Males or females of any ethnicity and race who are greater than or equal to 18 years of age who are scheduled to undergo ptosis surgery via the posterior approach at the University of Texas-Southwestern Medical Center will be offered inclusion.