Arterial Elasticity: A Substudy of Strategic Timing of AntiRetroviral Treatment (START)

Study ID
STU 122010-107

Cancer Related

Healthy Volunteers

Study Sites

  • UT Southwestern-Other
  • Parkland Health & Hospital System

Minerva Santos

Principal Investigator
Mamta Jain, M.D.


This is a substudy of the STaRT study. it is planned to co-enroll at least 300 participants nationwide and 50 participants locally over 3 years at selected clinical sites. Clinical sites will represent a diverse study population across asia, australia, europe, north america, and South america. Participants will be followed to the common closing date of the STaRT study. This is estimated to be 6 years after the beginning of enrollment (3 years of enrollment and a minimum of 3 years follow-up for each participant). Before enrollment ends, sample size of the main STaRT study will be re-assessed and sample size recalculated. at the same time, sample size for the arterial elasticity substudy will be recalculated.

Participant Eligibility

Simultaneous co-enrollment in the START study
Signed informed consent to the Arterial Elasticity substudy.