Pupillary Inter-rater Reliability Assessment

Study ID
STU 112013-054

Cancer Related

Healthy Volunteers

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Sonja Stutzman

Principal Investigator
Daiwai Olson


This prospective study design will gather data and compare two different sources: the pupilometer and the clinical estimation. The study sample will be comprised of the clinical team in the nCCu, neurosurgery/neurology, aSu, SiCu which may include, but is not limited to, nurses, residents, fellows, faculty level physicians. Patients will be eligible for the study if they have experienced some form of brain trauma where brain swelling has been identified and pupil dilation has been incorporated into standard of care. This is a single-blinded study, such that the nurses, residents, fellows, and faculty level physicians are blinded to the reading of one another and to the pupilometer reading.

Participant Eligibility

-Age 18 or older
-Diagnosis of some form of brain trauma where swelling is identified
-Pupil dilatation readings have been incorporated into standard of care