Resection of skull base tumors involving facial nerve: Results after immediate nerve grafting

Study ID
STU 112012-019

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Healthy Volunteers

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Annamaria Salvador

Principal Investigator
Shai Rozen


This study is a prospective design collection/review of patient data. Data is obtained from medical records and photographs/videos of patients who had undergone nerve grafting during their primary tumor resection procedure and are maintained by the university hospital and the principle investigators. Collected patient data will include when available, patient demographics, preoperative pictures, type of skull base tumor, preoperative facial nerve function, type and length of nerve graft used. There will not be any collection of tissues or samples.

anticipated number of subjects in the study will be 30-40. Projected subjects withdrawing from this study may be 5-10. Patient age range will be between 14-90 years. Following nerve grafting, nerve recovery is assessed in these patients at follow up visits. Based on the recovery of nerve function, all the patients will be videotaped. Videotaping of these patients is part of standard of care. Consent will be obtained from all these patients and the risks and benefits of participating in this study will be mentioned in detail. no significant risks are involved in this study.

Participant Eligibility

Subjects (14-90 years) who are patients of the study investigators and have undergone facial nerve resection.