Diurnal Variation in Anterior Segment Angle Structures using Optical Coherence Tomography

Study ID
STU 102012-034

Cancer Related

Healthy Volunteers

Study Sites

  • UT Southwestern Ambulatory Services

Mike Molai

Principal Investigator
Jess Whitson


This study will be a prospective, non-randomized study of healthy subjects as well as subjects with glaucomatous changes, subjects diagnosed as ocular hypertensives and subjects diagnosed glaucoma suspects from the university of Texas - Southwestern (uTSW) Medical Center at Dallas. Following review and execution of the informed consent, each subject will undergo an examination of their eyes with the slit lamp, central corneal thickness, and ophthalmoscopy will be performed to verify the health of the subject's eyes. it should be noted that the ophthalmoscopy will not require a dilation of the eyes. a refraction will be performed for those who do not wear any corrective aids such as glasses and/or contact lenses. For those who wear corrective aids, their glasses will be measured to verify their refractive error. Following screening, ioP measurements, a Visante[RegisteredTM] anterior segment oCT, systemic blood pressure, and heart rate at time points 10aM (+/- 2 hours) and 4pm (+/- 2 hours) will be performed to satisfy this protocol. Healthy subjects are not excluded based on gender, age, or race. in total, there is a plan to have 1 visit for this project. it should be noted the collection of above mentioned clinical data points will solely be used for the purpose of this research study. Collected data will not be used to diagnose or plan the subject's treatment in the event they are not deemed with normal ophthalmic findings. They will either be referred to their local ophthalmologist or the name of a general ophthalmologist at uTSW Medical Center will be given to them for follow-up management and care.

Participant Eligibility

Adult Subjects ranging from 18-99 years will be required to be healthy or diagnosed with glaucoma, glaucoma suspicion or ocular hypertension.. A refractive error from -7.00 Diopter (D) to +7.00D corrected with glasses and/or contact lenses. Sex and Age matching may be considered after the approximate average age of the healthy volunteers is determined. There will be no bias with respect to ethnicity, race, or the sex of the healthy volunteer subject.