Ancillary Laboratory Protocol for the Collection of Diagnostic Material on Patients Considered for ECOG Treatment Trials for Leukemia or Related Hematologic Disorders

Study ID
STU 102011-076

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Joyce Bolluyt

Principal Investigator
Robert Collins


This will be an ancillary study consiting of approximately 300 patients interested in participating in an ECOG trial. This Laboratory protocol will determine patient eligibility for the Treatment Protocol.
In addition to determining eligibility for the Treatment Protocol, this Laboratory Protocol
also gives patients the choice to contribute to future research by allowing their specimen(s) to
be banked in ECOG and amp;apos;s Leukemia Translational Studies Laboratory (LTSL) and the Mayo
Cytogenetics Laboratory.

Participant Eligibility

-Patients must be considered for enrollment into one or more ECOG treatment trials for acute
or chronic leukemia.
-Any ECOG treatment protocol that is being considered for the patient must be active and
-Patients must not yet have started treatment on their respective ECOG treatment trial.
-Patients may be entered simultaneously on this laboratory protocol and a chosen treatment
protocol if immediate treatment is medically indicated. The requested materials must be
drawn prior to start of therapy. If subsequent diagnostic review reveals a misdiagnosis on the
part of the referring institution, the patient will be removed from the treatment protocol that
was chosen incorrectly, without compromising patient care.