PROSPR Project 1: Identifying and tracking personalized CRC screening regimens for patients in clinical settings

Study ID
STU 102011-068

Cancer Related

Healthy Volunteers

Study Sites

  • UT Southwestern-Other
  • Parkland Health & Hospital System

Katharine McCallister

Principal Investigator
Celette Skinner, Ph.D.


in aim 1, we will employ CRiS' capabilities to go beyond one-time screening to assess whether patients continue on in a screening process, according to their identified personalized screening regimens. in aim 2, we will develop a customized module in the epic eMR of an algorithmically driven SmartForm for use in the endoscopy setting x much like CRiS works in primary care x to identify appropriate screening regimens post-colonoscopy; we will communicate these guideline-based recommendations to patients and their referring physicians we will link with electronic records to track extent to which patients follow the regimens. under aim 3, we will assess completion of guideline-recommended steps in personalized screening regimens, under-screening, and over-screening.

Participant Eligibility

Male or female patients, ages 25-64, presenting for appointment will be eligible to participate. Patients 25-49 must also have family history of CRC or personal history of inflammatory bowel disease or adenomatous polyps. No racial or ethnic group will be excluded from participation. Both English and Spanish speakers will be eligible for participation.