Neuroimaging to predict coma emergence and recovery: A pilot study (NICER pilot)

Study ID
STU 092012-003

Cancer Related

Healthy Volunteers

Study Sites

  • Parkland Health & Hospital System

Katrina Van De Bruinhorst

Principal Investigator
Stephen Figueroa, M.D.


Patients will undergo a specific quantitative DTI and fMRI-derived analysis. Additionally, they will undergo outcome measurements designed to predict recovery.

Participant Eligibility

* Age, 18 years or older

* Legally authorized surrogate available to provide informed consent

* Traumatic brain injury (TBI) as defined by the NINDS Common Data Elements Working Group (Menon et al., 2010)

* At least 7 but less than 22 days after TBI

* Traumatic coma, defined by the following GCS subscale profile obtained from routine clinical examination or chart review and not attributed to sedation or neuromuscular blockade
-Eye-opening = 1 (i.e., no spontaneous or stimulus-induced eye-opening)
-Motor 4 or less (i.e., inability to follow commands
* show two fingers
* or
* stick out your tongue
* , no localizing response to noxious stimulation)
-Verbal = 1 (i.e. absence of any phonation or verbalization)