Trial of Continuous Compressions versus Standard CPR in Patients with Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

Study ID
STU 092010-164

Cancer Related

Healthy Volunteers

Study Sites

  • Clements University Hospital
  • Parkland Health & Hospital System

Dixie Climer

Principal Investigator
Ahamed Idris, M.D.


This study has two treatment arms. one arm, continuous chest compressions (CCC), consists of a series of three cycles of 200 CCC without pauses for ventilation followed by rhythm analysis, until restoration of spontaneous circulation or completion of the three cycles of CPR, whichever occurs first. Ventilation will be given at a rate of 10 breaths/minute without interrupting chest compressions. The other arm is interrupted chest compressions (iCC), which consists of a series of 3 cycles of standard CPR, each cycle comprised of six sets of 30 chest compressions with interposed ventilations at a compression:ventilation ratio of 30:2 (per aHa guidelines) followed by rhythm analysis until RoSC or three cycles of CPR whichever occurs first.

Participant Eligibility

Included will be non-traumatic OOHCA patients with:
a) Age 18 years or more (or local age of consent);
b) Chest compressions by ROC EMS providers dispatched to the scene;
c) Lack of the exclusion criteria below.