The incidence and significance of a prior cancer diagnosis among patients with lung cancer

Study ID
STU 082012-040

Cancer Related

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Study Sites

  • UT Southwestern-Other

Jessica Saltarski

Principal Investigator
David Gerber, M.D.


We will collect SeeR-Medicare data as described below to determine the prevalence of prior cancer diagnoses among lung cancer patients, and to determine the impact of these diagnoses on clinical outcomes.

Participant Eligibility

Individuals with lung cancer (all stages and all histologies) in an existing SEER-Medicare linked dataset 1973 (the year SEER began; this will allow us to look back at prior cancer diagnoses) through 2009 (most recent year for which data available). Additional eligibility criteria include: age 66 years or older (to allow for collection of comorbidity data one year prior to Medicare enrollment), members of Medicare parts A and B, complete Medicare billings. We will exclude patients who had only autopsy or death certificate records, who were members of HMOs. We included only those aged >=66 to allow for one-year of complete claims data prior to diagnosis to determine comorbidity.