Ultrasound Findings In Placenta Accreta

Study ID
STU 082012-003

Cancer Related

Healthy Volunteers

Study Sites

  • Parkland Health & Hospital System

Lisa Moseley

Principal Investigator
Chet Wells


This is a retrospective review of gravidas delivering at Parkland Memorial Hospital between 12/1/1997 and 8/31/2015 who underwent ultrasonography and were confirmed to have placenta accreta at the time of delivery. We will blindly apply the current ultrasound criteria to antepartum ultrasounds in women who had pathologic diagnosis of placental invasion at delivery in order to assess their accuracy in predicting placental invasion. We will then use these results to evaluate the accuracy in predicting placental invasion from first trimester ultrasounds in the same cohort of women using the same ultrasound criteria. in both cases, women with suspected placenta invasion will be compared to women with placenta previa and low-lying placentas but no invasion in search for sonographic findings most suggestive of placental invasion. additionally, we will review the placental and/or uterine pathology slides of each patient in order to correlate ultrasonographic abnormalities to histologic abnormalities.

Participant Eligibility

1) Gravidas with one or more prior cesarean deliveries who delivered at Parkland Memorial Hospital between 12/1/1997 and 8/31/2015 who underwent cesarean hysterectomy for suspected placental invasion and had previously undergone an ultrasound.
2) Only those gravidas with pathologically confirmed placental invasion will be included in the study group.
3) The control group will consist of gravidas with one or more prior cesarean deliveries, an ultrasound showing low placental implantation and subsequent repeat uncomplicated cesarean delivery without evidence of placental invasion.