E3A05: Ancillary Laboratory Protocol for Collecting Diagnostic Material on Patients Considered for Studies of Multiple Myeloma and Other Plasma Cell Disorders

Study ID
STU 052012-087

Cancer Related

Healthy Volunteers

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James Pond

Principal Investigator
Larry Anderson


This is a laboratory study where patients may decide to contribute samples of blood and bone marrow which will be used to screen them for participation in treatment studies and may be used for future research of plasma cells disorders. Patients may choose to only participate in the screening portion of this study.

eCoG request every patient considered for a treatment trial in Multiple Myeloma or othr plasma cell disorders be enrolled in e3a05 and samples be submitted to the Mayo Clinic Myeloma Reference Laboratory.

The purpose of this trial is to establish a mechanism for collection of bone marrow samples from patients who may be eligible for enrollment on eCoG treatment trials for multiple myeloma and related disorders. although many eCoG treatment trials provide a method for sample collection during the trial,often pre treatment samples and in particular bone marrow biopsy samples, are collected before it is known that a person could be eligible for a trial. We hope that this new protocol provides a means to collect samples from patients undergoing diagnostic specimens, and save them from the expense and discomfort of a repeat test, simply to furnish research material.

Participant Eligibility

* Patients must be considered for enrollment into one or more ECOG treatment trials for multiple myeloma or other plasma cell disorders. This includes intergroup treatment trials which ECOG has endorsed through CTSU or otherwise joined.

* Any ECOG or intergroup treatment trial that is being considered for the patient must be active and accruing.

* Patients must not yet have started treatment on their respective ECOG treatment trial.