A Double Blind, Randomized, Sham-Controlled Evaluation of Low-Level (Class IV) Therapeutic Laser Therapy on Plantar Fasciitis

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STU 052012-005

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Edward Mulligan

Principal Investigator
Edward Mulligan, D.P.T.


This will be a double blind, sham-controlled trial. Both groups will receive a standarized physical therapy intervention in 6 visits over 4 weeks which will include:

1. Gastrocnemius and soleus stretching and intrinsic plantar fascia stretching
2. ice massge
3. usual medical advice: tennis ball rolling, shoe wear recommendations
4. Therapeutic exercise home exercise program: foot intrinsic strengthening, medial and lateral sweeps, resisted range of motion exercise
5. Taping and/or other the over-the-counter orthotic recommendation

Both groups will get a total of 10 laser treatments in a 4 week period in addition to the physical therapy intervention. The control group would receive sham laser treatments in addition to the physical therapy intervention.

outcome Measures: Subjective report of pain, first step in the morning pain, Global Rating of Change Scale, Foot and ankle abilities functional outcome tool measure. These variables will be assesed at baseline, 4 weeks, 12 weeks, 6 months, and one year.

Participant Eligibility

1.)18-70 years old
2.) maximal point tenderness to palpation is at medial calcaneal tuberosity
3. ) increased pain with weight bearing after more than 30 minutes on non-weight bearing or with simultaneous passive dorsiflexion of toe and ankle