Psychometric assessment of the Lung Cancer Stigma Inventory (LCSI)

Study ID
STU 042013-047

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Emily Marks

Principal Investigator
Heidi Hamann


This study follows the work in STu 072010-137, which focused on patient experience of stigma and measure development. in this project we seek to field test the LCSi on a sample of 250 lung cancer patients, test the psychometric properties of the LCSi, and identify correlates of responses. Participants will include 250 lung cancer patients who are being seen for outpatient care at 1) uT Southwestern Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center, and 2) Parkland Hospital's oncology clinic, and 3) outpatient lung services associated with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in new York. We anticipate that 80 patients will be recruited from uTSW/Parkland, and 170 will be recruited from MSKCC. eligible participants will include adults who are a) currently undergoing treatment (chemotherapy, radiation therapy) or, b) having undergone surgical resection, radiation treatment or chemotherapy within the prior 12 months, are fluent in english, and do not have significant cognitive impairment that would prevent informed consent and/or conduct of the study protocol. We plan to structure our recruitment so that we achieve a 50/50 split on gender, at least 20% minority (african american and Hispanic) patients; 85% current or former smokers 65% late stage (Stage iii or iV) patients. Recruitment will be balanced to maintain this ratio throughout the process. Study protocol consists of a 30-40 minute questionnaire assessing: a) demographic and clinical characteristics, b) lung cancer stigma, c) depressive symptoms, d) social support and constraints, e) self-compassion, f) patient advocacy/provider communication, g) religiosity. Participants will be compensated for their time with a $20 gift card. The design of the current study will focus on scale/hypothesis testing to test the measure's psychometric properties and examine our study hypotheses.

Participant Eligibility

* Patients receiving outpatient treatment at UTSW Simmons Cancer Center, Parkland Oncology Clinic, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

* Adults (age 18 years and older)

* Lung cancer diagnosis in the last 12 months AND (a) currently undergoing treatment (chemotherapy, radiation therapy) OR (b) having undergone surgical resection, radiation treatment or chemotherapy within the prior 12 months.

* Able to comprehend English

* Able to consent and comprehend study information