Research to Evaluate an Effective Community-level Intervention for Young Black Men Who Have Sex with Men

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STU 042011-073

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Douglas Shehan

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Anne Freeman


This study is designed to test the efficacy of a proven community level intervention adapted for a different community. The Black Mpowerment Project will be overseen by researchers at uCSF. While uCSF will directly coordinate the implementation of the intervention in Dallas, uT Southwestern and the university of Texas Health Science Center - Houston (uTHSC-H) have been subcontracted to conduct intervention evaluations. uTHSC-H in Houston will provide the study control, while uT Southwestern will survey YBMSM in Dallas where the intervention is in progress. The Young Black Men's Survey (YBMS) began with a quantitative evaluation component, added a qualitative component in 2013 and seeks to add a third component in 2014 that will recruit an HiV+ cohort of YBMSM. These three components expand on and provide a comprehensive evaluation of the uBe intervention and a sub-intervention HiV positive YBMSM referred to as uBe+ in this protocol. Brief summaries of each component follow.

Quantitative Sample: The efficacy of the uBe intervention will be assessed primarily through the use of surveys conducted with YBMSM before the intervention is fully running (pre-intervention), during (interim), and after the intervention has been completed (post-intervention). each of the data collection periods will last for approximately 3-6 months. uT Southwestern completed formative work for this component in Year 2 of the study. uT Southwestern is currently conducting the [Quote]Young Black Men's Survey[Quote] (YBM Survey) with a cross-section of approximately 333 YBMSM annually in Dallas. uT Southwestern will recruit another three interim cross-sections of YBMSM in Dallas (n[?]333 each interim wave) during the intervention, and a final cross-section (n[?]333) after the intervention is completed. The YBM Survey is self-administered using handheld computers. all questionnaires are completed anonymously.

Qualitative Method: The qualitative evaluation includes conducting participant observations and interviewing a cohort of 30 young african american MSM (YBMSM) twice each year for three years in order explore how the intervention being studied penetrates diverse sub-communities of YBMSM in Dallas, and how the intervention impacts individual, interpersonal, and social level factors related to risk behavior and testing. The research team aims to better understand how u-Be reaches diverse YBMSM be examining changes in individual-level variables, interpersonal dynamics, and the social environment. The qualitative methods that will be conducted by uT Southwestern include Participant observation and in-depth interviews.

HiV+ Cohort: The HiV+ Cohort formative research and recruitment of participants using the Long Chain Referral Process in Dallas will be conducted by uT Southwestern study staff. Formative research will consist of Focus Groups (n[?]27) and Cognitive interviews (n[?]10) followed by recruitment of the Dallas HiV+ Cohort (n[?]133). Cohort participants will be surveyed at the time of recruitment and then yearly thereafter for three years. The sampling method is fully described in the attached protocol.

Total number of Possible Participants:
Research activity n
Focus Groups with YBMSM: Dallas (6 in each group) - Completed 12 or more
Cognitive individual interviews with YBMSM: Dallas - Completed 30
YBM Surveys: Dallas (n[?]333 respectively for pre, interim, and post intervention surveys) 2,430
YBM Survey : Projected screen failures (n[?]83+ respectively for pre, interim, and post intervention surveys) 600
Qualitative interviews: 30 YBMSM (2 interviews/year x 3 years) and ethnographic (participant observations). 30
Cohort Formative - Focus Groups (HiV+ and HiV- YBMSM) 24
Cohort Formative x Cognitive interviews (HiV+ YBMSM) 10
HiV+YBMSM Cohort: 133 YBMSM (4 interviews x 3 years) 133
HiV+YBMSM Cohort: Projected screen failures (Year 1 recruitment) 35

ToTaL 3,304

Participant Eligibility

CRITERIA FOR INCLUSION OF SUBJECTS: The target population for this study is YBMSM living in Dallas who are: 1) 18-29 years old, 2) African-American/Black, 3) male, 4) English speaking, 5) report having sexual contact with another man in the previous 12 months, and 6) have the ability to provide informed consent. For inclusion in the HIV+ Cohort component only, participants must have a valid HIV positive status.