A Prospective Evaluation of the Accuracy of Weight Estimation Using the Broselow Tape with an Adjustment Factor for Overweight and Obese Pediatric Patients in the Emergency Department

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STU 032011-127

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Amanda Lee

Principal Investigator
Halim Hennes


non-critical ambulatory patients presenting to the emergency department at Children's Medical Center of Dallas will be enrolled into this study. Demographic information will be collected on all patients, and it will be documented in electronic medical record system (ePiC) as per standard emergency department procedures. For this study, patients will have their height, weight, abdominal circumference, and actual Broselow measurement recorded for study documentation. Patients less than 2 years old will be excluded from the study because the BMi classification of overweight and obese does not apply to this population. Patients that are greater than 146 centimeters will be excluded since the Broselow tape is 146 centimeters in length. additionally, patients with underlying medical conditions that affect height and weight and non-cooperative patients will be excluded from this study. During this encounter, both the patient's provider and emergency department personnel will give a visual estimation of the patient's body mass index (BMi) classification (eg, underweight, normal, overweight, or obese). all study procedures and patient encounter will occur in the emergency department and will not detract from the normal standard of care for the patient's presenting complaint.

Participant Eligibility

Pediatric patients (<18 years) presenting to Children[Single Quote]s Medical Center of Dallas Emergency Department