Blood Repository for Food Allergic Patients

Study ID
STU 022011-101

Cancer Related

Healthy Volunteers

Study Sites

  • Children’s Medical Center (Dallas, Plano, Southlake)

Amy Arneson

Principal Investigator
John Bird, M.D.


all people with food allergies seen at Children's Medical Center of Dallas and their parents will be able to donate their blood to this repository if they choose to contribute. Subjects of any age, gender, race/ethnic background, and regardless of their ablility to speak and read english will be eligible for participation. They will be recruited at the time of a necessary blood draw thus limiting the number of venipunctures from the person. The subjects will be assigned a unique identifying number which will identify their blood in the repository. The Dna will be stored in a locked container in the Human Genetics Clinical Laboratory, located in the McDermott Center for Human Growth and Development. The cells and Dna will be extracted and stored for futurer use.The samples will be kept at this location indefinitely. Serum will be sent to uT Southwestern's Biological Reserach Building, Lab nL08.110D. The samples will be stored in a locked container for future use and will remain there indefinitely. For each seperate research study that uses the specimens from the repository, a study protocol will be submitted and an approval must be granted by the iRB of the university of Texas Southwestern Medical School before the blood can be used. a reasonable attempt will be made to contact and consent adults who were minors at the time of original consent if there is further collection of data. if permission is not received, no furhter data concerning this participant may be collected.

Participant Eligibility

* All people with food allergies seen at Children's Medical Center of Dallas and their parents
* Subjects may be of any age, gender, race/ethnic background.
* Subjects will be recruited regardless of their ability to speak and read English.
* Subjects need not be available for future contact.
* The person and/or iin case of minors, the parent or guardian must sign the informed consent associated with the repository of a particular research study before the blood is given.