Assessing speech in patients with cleft palate using real-time MRI.

Study ID
STU 102013-067

Cancer Related

Healthy Volunteers

Study Sites

  • Children’s Medical Center (Dallas, Plano, Southlake)

Neil Stewart

Principal Investigator
Alex Kane, M.D.


We will use a [Quote]real time[Quote] MRi technique by acquiring a highly undersampled radial Fast Low angle Shot (FLaSH) protocol to investigate speech in patients with cleft palate. We will recruit 10 patients (4-18 years old) at Children's Medical Center with previously repaired cleft palate, who are scheduled to undergo speech investigation for VPi. in addition, we will recruit two volunteers to optimize sequence parameters to help ensure that the patients will be examined efficiently. The volunteers MRi data will also serve as normal controls. The volunteers will be children or adults with normal speech.

analysis will be on the association between speech severity and gap between the soft palate and the posterior pharyngeal wall. Correlations between real time MRi data and the standard of care speech investigations as well as a professional listener's evaluation will be obtained.

Participant Eligibility

1- Patient with a previously repaired cleft palate, either isolated cleft palate or as part of cleft lip and palate
2- Patient with diagnosed or suspected VPI scheduled for speech investigation
3- Volunteers with normal speech