Characterization of Facial Skin Aging

Study ID
STU 062016-086

Cancer Related

Healthy Volunteers

Study Sites

  • UT Southwestern Ambulatory Services

Deborah Noble

Principal Investigator
Jeffrey Kenkel, M.D.


This is a single-center, non-randomized, prospective investigator initiated study designed to characterize the facial aging in a total of 400 qualified subjects using one or more non-invasive devices. To include screening failures, about 500 subjects will take part in this study at uT Southwestern. each subject will be grouped and categorized by their age related decade. Subjects that agree to participate will be consented and undergo a screening visit. The subjects' facial skin will be analyzed using non-invasive devices (Miravex anthera 3D camera, ViSia, BTC 2000, DuB ultrasound, Vivosight, Biox aquaFlux, digital photography, Konica Minolta CM-700d spectrophotometer, and/or Derma unit SSC3 Sebumeter / Corneometer / Skin-pH-Meter). internal pilot studies may be done using one or more of the devices to assess consistency and validity of results. Subjects undergoing pilot studies may be asked to return for a second visit to undergo further imaging with other devices on the list that they were not assessed with before. Data obtained from each device will be recorded in a password-protected digital spreadsheet, and descriptive statistics will be obtained.

Participant Eligibility

1. Male or Female, 18-89 years of age;
2. Able and willing to comply with study visits and procedures.
3. Spanish speaking subjects are eligible to participate. They will be given a Spanish short-form, and an interpreter will be provided.
4. Willing and capable of providing written informed consent.