A Pilot Study of Vitamin D Level in Adult Patients with Severe Burn Injury

Study ID
STU 062014-021

Cancer Related

Healthy Volunteers

Study Sites

  • Parkland Health & Hospital System

Cynthia Dolezal

Principal Investigator
Karen Kowalske, M.D.


This is an observational study to determine and compare the the levels of Vitamin D (25(oH)D) in burn patients to the established normative values. Ten adult patients (age [Greater Than]18 years old) with burn injury [Greater Than]20% TBSa admitted to Parkland Health and Hospital System will be enrolled in this pilot study. Patients with parathyroid disease, severe liver dysfunction and kidney dysfunction, which are not caused by burn, and malignant tumor will be excluded. With informed consent, blood samples will be collected and serum levels of vitamin D (25(oH)D) will be determined. Serum vitamin D level will be measured once a week for maximal total 8 weeks.

Subjects will complete the following study procedure weekly for 8 weeks:
* 5 ml blood draw (5 minutes)

Participant Eligibility

* Burn Injury >20% Total Body Surface Area (TBSA)

* Over 18 years old