Interventions to Promote Sleep Hygiene for Patients Hospitalized with Cystic Fibrosis or Pulmonary Hypertension (The SHHH Study)

Study ID
STU 012017-091

Cancer Related

Healthy Volunteers

Study Sites

  • Clements University Hospital

Sonja Stutzman

Principal Investigator
Linda Dobson


This pilot study is non-randomized and prospective. The study will examine the effectiveness of patient-initiated sleep preferences. The study will measure sleep quality using bio-motion sensors (S+ Sleep Tracker), and sleep quality scores measured by the Pittsburg Sleep Quality index and the Richard-Campbell Sleep Questionnaire. The study will aim to improve sleep hygiene by introducing a patient preference list to the target group of patients diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF) and pulmonary hypertension (PH) whom have been admitted to the pulmonary/medical surgical unit. The study team hopes to recruit a total of 15 patients to this study over the course of six months.

Participant Eligibility

1. Patients will be considered as eligible if they are adults (age 18 years or older)
2. Able to provide self-consent
3. Admitted with a diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis or Pulmonary Hypertension with an expected length of stay of at least 4 days on the
8 North Unit of Clements University Hospital.