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Cyclotron and Radiochemistry Program Seminar

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Imaging Disease in Living Subjects: Translating New Strategies from Bench to Bedside

Frederick Chin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Radiology Director, Cyclotron and Radiochemistry Program Director, Translational Radiopharmaceutical Sciences & Chemical Engineering Research (Tracer) Laboratory Stanford University

Tuesday, March 22, 2016
1:30-2:30 pm
NE2.5 Classroom (NE2M.116)

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April 24 Robert Hallgren Introduction to Cyclotron and Biomedical Isotope Production
May 29 Hancheng Cai Introduction to Clinical Radiotracer Production
June 26 Guiyang Hao Introduction to Research Radiotracer Development
July 31 Marianna Dakanali Introduction to FDA Regulations on PET Drugs
Aug. 31 Xiankai Sun Imaging Probe Design and Development
Sept. 25 Tara Mastren Imaging and Therapy with Metal Radioisotopes
Oct. 30 Amit Kumar Probe Development – Tumor Microenvironment
Nov. 27 Guiyang Hao Design and Development of Theranostic Agents
Dec.18 Preston Christensen Biological Evaluation of Imaging Probes
Jan. 29 Hancheng Cai Translational Studies of Radiotracers
Feb. 26 Gedaa Hassan Imaging Reconstruction, Data Analysis and Modeling
Mar. 25 Yangchun Xin Probe Development – Cancer Metabolism
April 29 William Silver Probe Development – Lipid/Hormone Metabolism
May 27 Orhan Öz Clinical Implementation of Radiotracers
June 24 Aditi Mulgaonkar Design and Development of Nanotheranostics
July 29 Marianna Dakanali Imaging-guided Procedures
Aug. 26 Hao Yang Probe Development – CNS Diseases