2013-2014 Norman W. Carter
Lecture Series

The lectures are held from 5 to 6 p.m. at the A.W. Harris Faculty–Alumni Center (the Faculty Club), unless noted otherwise.

September 19, 2013 Leif Oxburgh, D.V.M., Ph.D. 
Control of Nephron Formation in the Embryonic Kidney
Center for Molecular Medicine,
Maine Medical Center Research Institute
October 17, 2013 Alda Tufro, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Chief, Pediatric Nephrology
Semaphorin 3A Role in Renal Development and Disease
Yale University School of Medicine
November 4, 2013 Alessandra Boletta, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Telethon Scientist
Polycystin-1 Binds Par3/aPKC and Controls Convergent Extension during Renal Tubular Morphogenesis
San Raffaele Scientific Institute
December 5, 2013 Ian Smith, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
ARC Future Fellow
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology
An integrated view of cell and tissue dynamics during renal development
Monash University
January 23, 2014 Charmaine E. Lok, M.D.
Associate Professor
Vascular Access: Facts, Fish Tales, and Fantasies
University of Toronto
February 6, 2014 Ambra Pozzi, Ph.D.
Professor of Medicine, Associate Professor of Molecular Physiology, Associate Professor of Cancer Biology
Extracellular Matrix and Growth Factor Receptors in Healthy and Diseased Kidney
Vanderbilt University Medical School
March 20, 2014
14th Floor Multi-Purpose Room (ND14.206)
Raymond C. Harris, M.D.
Professor of Medicine Chief, Division of Nephrology
The Potential Role of the Epidermal Growth Factor Recptor in Acute and Chronic Kidney Injury
O'Brien Kidney Disease Center,
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
April 17, 2014 David Pearce, M.D.
Professor of Medicine Division of Nephrology
Mechanisms of specificity in the control of kidney tubule sodium transport
University of California, San Francisco
May 8, 2014 Seventh Annual UT Southwestern
O’Brien Kidney Center Symposium

Stem cells in tissue development, maintenance, and repair.