Genomics Core Pricing

We currently operate Illumina HiSeq 2500 and Illumina HiSeq 1500 next generation sequencing platforms. We support both “high output” (8 lanes per flowcell) and “rapid” (2 lanes per flow cell). Using flowcell formats SE-50, we achieve ~8-10 gigabases of data per lane on high-output flowcell and ~7 gigabases per lane with Rapid flowcell. On a PE100, we achieve ~35-40 gigabases using high-output flowcell and ~28 gigabases using rapid flowcell.

Please email for a sales quote, ordering details, and information on sample submission.

This price only applies to internal UT customers. Prices are 20 percent higher for external customers.

Complete Package (Library Preparation and Sequencing)

#reads (M)
per sample
Sample submission
Run TypeMinimum #samplesPrice/
ChIP 12-15 M 5-10 ng SE-50 10 $250
Exome (Human) 2 40-50X 1-2 μg PE-100 6 $900
mRNA1,2,3 25-30M 200ng-2 μg SE-50 6 $380
mRNA1,2,3 40-50M 200ng-2 μg PE-100 6 $600
Whole Genome 2 40X 500ng-2 μg PE-200 1 $7,500
Whole Genome 2 15X 500ng-2 μg PE-150 2 $3,000

1For RNA samples we require the RIN number (RNA integrity number) to be 7 or above. We prefer 1 μg samples, but we can work with smaller amounts if necessary.

2Prices do not include incoming sample QC, which is generally required and will cost an additional $20 per sample.

3Primary data analysis of RNA-Seq dataset costs $25/sample. Additional secondary analysis that includes statistical comparison of multiple samples and pathway analysis will cost more.

Sequencing Service

Sequencing TypeGigabases
SE-50 7-10 Gb $1,100
SE-100 17-20 Gb $1,500
PE-50 14-20 Gb $1,700
PE-100 30-40 Gb $2,200
Rapid SE-50 6-8 Gb $1,100
Rapid SE-100 12-16 Gb $1,500
Rapid SE-150 18-24 Gb $1,700
Rapid PE-50 12-15 Gb $1,700
Rapid PE-100 25-30 Gb $2,200
Rapid PE-150 38-45 Gb $2,900
Rapid PE-200 50-60 Gb $3,300
Rapid PE-250 NA $4,000

Library Preparation

Library TypePrice/
DNA Library $150
ChipSeq Library $150
mRNA-Seq Library $200
mRNA-Seq, strand specific library (SS) $220
Whole Transcriptome, strand specific library $300
Small-RNA Library $400
Picogreen $5
Bioanalyzer $10