About the Institute


Dr. Hunt Batjer
Hunt Batjer, M.D.
Chair, Neurological Surgery
Dr. Mark Goldberg
Mark Goldberg, M.D.
Chair, Neurology and Neurotherapeutics 


A wide range of partners are leading efforts – including UT Dallas for neuro-engineering expertise, UT Arlington, Texas Health Resources, and the Ben Hogan Sports Medicine/Ben Hogan Concussion Center. We also will leverage organizations such as the National Football League (NFL), U.S. Department of Defense, and Texas Association of Athletic Trainers.


  • The State of Texas has provided funding to support this launch – the largest allocation for this type of brain injury initiative in the State’s history – $6 million for the current budget year.
  • Both the NFL and the Department of Defense testified before the Texas Legislature in support of UT Southwestern becoming a hub for the research and treatment of traumatic brain injuries (TBI).
  • UT Southwestern has received intense support from the Texas State Athletic Trainers Association (TSATA). Michael “Spanky” Stephens, its executive director, led a task force of physicians, licensed athletic trainers, and brain trauma researchers and specialist to write HB 2038 (“Natasha’s Law”), which was passed in 2011 and defines concussion and return-to-play protocols for any high school student athlete in Texas. The organization’s ongoing support will be needed, particularly as high schools and athletic trainers are included in research/development of brain injury/concussion database.