Olympics-inspired get-up-and-go won't wait until spring

If you are inspired to start exercising after watching the Winter Olympics but aren’t enthusiastic about the bracing weather, you don’t have to wait for springtime.

Olympic champion runner Dr. Peter Snell, now an exercise physiologist at UT Southwestern Medical Center, says you can easily find alternatives to an outdoor workout, like joining a gym or fitness center, or walking inside a shopping mall.

You can even exercise outdoors in cold or wet weather, as long as you have the proper clothing. Look for cold-weather gear that will protect you from the wind chill.

“You’ll also need fabrics that keep moisture away from your body and that help keep heat from building up as your body temperature rises from the activity,” Dr. Snell says. “If you’re exercising vigorously, you may not even notice the cold.”

Media Contact: Katherine Morales

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