'Give Me Five' indicators help to expedite stroke care

Five words – walk, talk, reach, see, feel – can help others to ascertain if a person might be having a stroke.

“This ‘Give Me Five’ test can aid in recognizing stroke symptoms, which can help get the person to treatment sooner and reduce the effects of the stroke,” says Dr. Mark Johnson, a neurologist and stroke specialist at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

The test is:

Walk: Is the person’s balance off kilter?

Talk: Has speech become slurred, or is the person’s face drooping on one side?

Reach: Is one side of the body weak or numb?

See: Is vision partially or completely lost?

Feel: Is there a severe headache?

If any of these symptoms are occurring, call 911 immediately, Dr. Johnson says. Certain drugs can limit the damage from a stroke, but only if they are administered quickly.

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May is American Stroke Month.

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