Be informed before fertility treatments

Seeking treatment from a fertility specialist can be an overwhelming decision for couples, but discussing both the medical and financial aspects is important for making informed choices.

“Couples should ask about the benefits and side effects of any treatments, and investigate the cost and whether insurance should cover it,” says Dr. Victor Beshay, an obstetrician and fertility specialist at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Couples should also ask about the doctor’s expected success rate for any treatment, and keep in mind that all fertility treatments increase the risk of multiple births, he says.

Some procedures used for women are:

  • Medications to stimulate egg release; 
  • Ultrasound examinations to check for anatomical abnormalities;
  • Blood hormone testing;
  • Surgery;  
  • Artificial insemination; and
  • In vitro fertilization.

Some treatments used for men are:

  • Sperm analysis; and
  • Hormonal treatment.

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Media Contact: Aline McKenzie