Less-invasive cosmetic procedure eases signs of aging

Among the latest trends for cosmetic surgery is the preference for less-invasive procedures that allow patients to get back to work more quickly.

One such advanced procedure available at UT Southwestern Medical Center, called Ultherapy, involves the use of high-frequency ultrasound waves to tighten the deep collagen fibers of the skin and its underlying tissue. Dr. Jeffrey Kenkel, a plastic surgeon and an international expert on laser techniques, has done some of the pivotal research on the use of this device for noninvasive skin tightening.

During the in-office procedure, the device delivers ultrasonic waves through the upper layers of skin to the underlying muscle and tissue layer. The ultrasound generates heat, which causes the tissue to contract and the upper skin layers to contract with it.

The noninvasive procedure is designed to:

  • Gradually produce new collagen over a period of time that results in a more youthful appearance, especially in the lower face, cheek and neck areas;
  • Achieve safe and predictable non-surgical skin tightening in many patients; 
  • Provide patients with a treatment that has little or no downtime.

The entire procedure takes only an hour or so and can be done with local anesthesia. The final results will be apparent in several months, when deep tissue layers have fully healed. There is a very short recovery time, according to Dr Kenkel.

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