March 2011 News Tips

White spots in eyes mean it’s time to seek physician viewpoint
A photograph may provide the first sign of an eye abnormality. Flash photography is similar to an ophthalmoscope, a lighted instrument used to examine the interior of the eye, says Dr. Nick Hogan, an ophthalmologist at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Read More

Weigh pros, cons before deciding on home birth
Women contemplating a home birth should consider ways to curb the medical risks, according to the latest recommendations from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. “The main thing is to make sure you have a low-risk pregnancy and that you have a physician or a certified nurse-midwife present,” says Dr. Patricia Santiago-Munoz. Read More

Calcium, potassium citrate supplements can check risk of kidney stones
Healthy postmenopausal women taking calcium citrate supplements are not at an increased risk for developing kidney stones, say researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Adding a potassium citrate supplement provides even more protection, they say. Read More

A glass of milk before bed still good advice
Keeping stress levels in check is an important tool for overall health and wellness. Numerous studies have shown that people who are constantly stressed are also more vulnerable to everything from colds to heart disease. Read More