May 2010 News Tips

Skimping on sunscreen can ruin summer fun
Memorial Day weekend traditionally kicks off the summer vacation season, a time for swimming, cookouts and outdoor fun. But remember to protect your skin while enjoying the outdoors.

‘Give Me Five’ indicators help to expedite stroke care
Five words – walk, talk, reach, see, feel – can help others to ascertain if a person might be having a stroke. READ MORE

Glaucoma often hard to see without screenings
Symptoms of glaucoma often are not recognized until permanent damage has already occurred. Glaucoma usually results from increased pressure within the eye that damages the optic nerve, eventually affecting peripheral vision. READ MORE

Not a veggie lover? You can tip your glass to better health
Can’t stomach a pile of spinach? Does the thought of steamed broccoli with a side of salsa make you cringe? For those who loathe vegetables, juice may be the best way to increase your intake. READ MORE