July 2010 News Tips

Men should weigh future family considerations before any type of cancer treatment
When famed cyclist Lance Armstrong developed testicular cancer, he had sperm stored so he could father children later – a process that’s now well-established for that type of cancer. But many men don’t realize that it’s important to store sperm in any type of cancer. Read More

Protective sunglasses are more than a fashion statement
As the parade of summer days continues, ophthalmologists at UT Southwestern Medical Center remind everyone to protect their eyes from the sun. Read More

Don’t let Salmonella spoil your picnic
Picnics and parties during the summertime can provide the ideal climate for growth of this bacteria, which can lead to food poisoning, says Dr. Kurt Kleinschmidt, professor of emergency medicine and toxicology at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Read More

Athletic alert: Watch for signs of heat illness
As temperatures rise and more people spend time outdoors, physicians at UT Southwestern Medical Center remind athletes of all skill levels to stay hydrated and watch for signs of possible heat illness. Read More