Preparing for a baby should begin even before pregnancy
Women who wish to become mothers should ideally prepare even before conception takes place, says Dr. Lisa Halvorson. Read More

Fathers can also help prepare for a baby
Men can increase their fertility and the health of a pregnant partner with some simple steps. Read More

Be alert to symptoms of ovary problems that can lower fertility
One of the most common causes of female infertility is a hormonal disorder of the ovaries that is difficult to diagnose because of its wide range of symptoms. Read More

Vitamin and mineral needs change when trying to conceive
When preparing to become pregnant, a woman’s need for vitamins and minerals changes. She should increase some that are necessary for healthy development of the baby, and watch out for others that can be harmful in large amounts. Read More

Timing it right when trying to conceive
When luck doesn’t seem to be working for a woman who is trying to become pregnant, over-the-counter kits can help monitor ovulation to increase the odds of success. Read More

Be informed before fertility treatments
Seeking treatment from a fertility specialist can be an overwhelming decision for couples, but discussing both the medical and financial aspects is important for making informed choices. Read More




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