February 2010 News Tips

Chocoholics’ delight: Hot chocolate, dark chocolate better choices for heart health
For Valentine’s Day, consider skipping the chocolate candy and replacing it with a cup of dark hot cocoa. “Research suggests that drinking a cup of dark hot chocolate can be equated with drinking a glass of wine in protecting the heart,” says Lona Sandon, a registered dietitian. Read More

New Year’s resolutions often quickly fall by the wayside

Each year, millions of Americans make New Year’s resolutions to exercise more, lose weight or work on their personal relationships. By February, many of those resolutions have become distant memories. Why are resolutions so hard to keep? Read More

Those in pain can relieve some suffering with meditation
Pain sufferers sometimes intensify their pain levels by adding layers of mental anguish, say UT Southwestern Medical Center psychologists. But, by learning and using mindfulness –the physical pain can be separated out from the surrounding mental distress. Read More

For a healthy heart, begin cholesterol screening in your 20s
If you think heart disease is a disease of the middle-aged, think again. Experts recommend that cholesterol screening should begin as early as age 20 because it is a key indicator of heart-attack risk, and that the screening should be repeated at least once every five years. Read More


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