Bullying - Special Edition News Tips

Cyberbullying is no joke
Many teens and kids think cyberbullying is funny, but it’s not, says Dr. Thomas Van Hoose, a clinical psychologist affiliated with UT Southwestern Medical Center. “Cyberbullying can hurt the victim and the perpetrator,” Dr. Van Hoose says. Read More

Know the signs of physical bullying
Although bullying often takes a mental and emotional toll, it also can become physical. Dr. Jennifer Buchanan Walsh, a pediatrician at UT Southwestern Medical Center, says caregivers should keep an eye out for possible warning signs of physical abuse. Read More

‘Bullycide’ a trendy term, but one that should be avoided
Although media reports about children and teenagers committing suicide because of bullying seem to be increasing, “bullycide” is a misleading term that should be avoided, says Dr. Betsy Kennard, a psychologist at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Read More

How to handle a cyberbully
More and more children are being harassed, threatened and impersonated through the Internet, cell phones, cameras and other technology by others with malicious intent. Read More