April 2010 News Tips

Alternative therapy could help those not qualified for heart transplants
Recent federal approval for an alternative therapy can lead to a new lease on life for patients who don’t qualify for a heart transplant. READ MORE

Beer consumption may help prevent osteoporosis, but healthy diet is best choice
Few pairings are more quintessentially American than beer and baseball. With professional baseball’s season beginning this month, beer lovers might take note: New findings from researchers in California suggest that the silicon found in beer may help build stronger bones. READ MORE

Hard financial year? That may lead to procrastination on filing taxes
People upset about stocks declining or in denial about their financial standing may wait until close to April 15 to file their federal tax returns. READ MORE

Latest technology shines light on vocal-cord trouble
Voice problems are obvious to the ear, but not always to the eye. Tiny polyps that attach to the vocal cords, for example, can cause conditions such as an ongoing weak, strained or breathy voice. READ MORE