Abundant employee talent showcased at annual art competition

By Ali V. Adams

The People’s Choice award winner for this year’s On My Own Time art show needed something to add color to his home. Learning about the art competition gave him an extra reason to create Fish Feathers.

Carlos Gil del Alcazar's painting, Fish Feathers, won the People’s Choice award.

“I wanted to paint something for my empty walls,” said Carlos Gil del Alcazar, Student Research Assistant in Radiation Oncology. “I’ve always been fascinated by the colors and patterns of nature and thought I’d like to experiment a bit with them.”

The People’s Choice winner was selected by UT Southwestern Medical Center employees who voted for their favorite piece of artwork during the art show. Mr. Gil del Alcazar, who has worked at UT Southwestern for three years, entered the show as an amateur artist in the “Works on Canvas” category.

“I was very surprised and happy to win the People’s Choice award,” said Mr. Gil del Alcazar, a first-time show entrant. “I plan to enter again next year.”

Entries from the On My Own Time art show, now in its 12th year, were displayed through Oct. 1 in the South Campus Main Library. More than 120 faculty members, staff, students, contract workers, and their spouses entered the show – in either an amateur or professional capacity – in one of 10 categories, including photography, paintings on canvas, sculptures, and works on paper.

“I am always in awe of the talent we have throughout the organization,” said Dr. William Behrendt, Vice President of Human Resources. “On behalf of the entire UT Southwestern administration, we are very proud to display the artwork of our employees, students, and their spouses, and of the On My Own Time initiative.”

This year’s Best of Show winner, Mark Munchrath, is the husband of UT Southwestern faculty member Karen McCain, DPT, Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy. His entry, Podarkes, named for the immortal horse from Greek mythology, was a two-month project.

“I wanted to create a sculpture that appeared to be old, carved of stone, and slightly unfinished,” Mr. Munchrath said. “It feels good to have a piece of my art surrounded by such fine creations. I am blessed to have a talent that I can use to perhaps encourage others. Life is short … be creative!”

A graphic designer by day, Mr. Munchrath entered the show as an amateur in the sculpture category. For each category of art, judges from the Dallas Business Council for the Arts selected first place and one or more honorable mention winners. The judges selected Best of Show from among the first-place winners.

The Best of Show, People’s Choice, and first-place winners from each category participated in a region-wide show at NorthPark Center Sept. 17-30.

Visit the On My Own Time website, utsouthwestern.edu/OMOT, to view all of the artwork from the 2012 show. The show is organized and produced by the Business Council for the Arts to recognize and encourage creativity, stimulate dialogue, and build team spirit among employees. 

2012 On My Own Time Winners

Ceramic and Wood – Professional: 1st Place, Karen Jenkins, spouse, Sea Inspired Plate; Honorable Mention, Shaghayegh Rezaie, Radiation Oncology, Together. Amateur: 1st Place, Phillip Garcia, Physical Plant, Boxes; Honorable Mention, Ruby Weis, Internal Medicine, Peacock.

Enhanced Photo and Computer Art – Professional: 1st Place, Mark Smith, Pathology, Out to Pasture; Honorable Mention, Kim Hoggatt Krumwede, Health Care Sciences, Historic Highway 80 East Texas. Amateur: 1st Place, Paul Scott, Human Resources, Flyer Wood; Honorable Mention, Jose Lopez, Environmental Health and Safety, Studies in Digital Sketching.

Jewelry and Metal – Professional: 1st Place, Barbara Moore, Gift Records-Development, Endless Journey. Amateur: 1st Place, Lynne Jacobs, Library, Patchwork Tubular Peyote Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings; Honorable Mention, Catherine Schack, Library, Safety Pin & Bug Necklace Set.

Mixed Media – Professional: 1st Place, Frank Webb, spouse, Die Hand des Schicksals; Honorable Mention, Gala Mikkelson, Staffing Services, St. Paul University Hospital, Women. Amateur: 1st Place, Deborah Ribardo, Microbiology, Scission; Honorable Mention, Cana Cameron, Physician Assistant Studies, The Heavens Leap.

Photography: Black and White – Amateur: 1st Place, William Seaman, spouse, Caroline; Honorable Mention, Dr. Marc Mumby, Pharmacology, Fall Road.

Photography: Color – Professional: 1st Place, Joseph Tan, Library, Simple Pleasure; Honorable Mention, Barbara Nunn, Library, Channeling The Hulk. Amateur: 1st Place,   Samarpita Sengupta, Pharmacology, Cabin on The Lake. Honorable Mentions, Dr. Li Ern Chen, Pediatrics/Surgery, Dance; Andrew Kim, Dermatology, Fire Wheel; Emily Mendoza, Respiratory Therapy, University Hospitals, Waiting for Daddy; Glennis Parker, Outpatient Surgery, Thirsty Zebras; Susan Thompson, Neurology and Neurotherapeutics, Winter Snow.

Sculpture – Amateur: 1st Place and Best of Show, Mark Munchrath, spouse, Podarkes; Honorable Mentions, Susan Fredrickson, Transplant Services Center, Mia; Patrick Malafronte, Pathology, Rainkiss.

Textiles/Fiber Art – Amateur: 1st Place, Dana Jeffress, Pathology, Road to Izmir; Honorable Mention, Melody Lundquist, Psychiatry, Sydney.

Works on Canvas – Professional: 1st Place, Mark Renner, spouse, The Inward Compass Pointing North; Honorable Mention, Steve Duvall, Cardiopulmonary, Water Lilies in Bloom. Amateur: 1st Place, Samira Syed, Internal Medicine, Wild Fires; Honorable Mentions, Dr. Amelia Anthony, Psychiatry-Pediatrics, Joy; Mi Deng, Physiology, Homesick; Zhuo Geng, Medical Education, The Rancher’s Portrait.

Works on Paper – Amateur: 1st Place, Haley Speed, Neurology and Neurotherapeutics, Defiance; Honorable Mentions, Eric Ferraris, Language and Translation Services, Charly Garcia; Oscar Sanchez, Cytogenetics, St. Paul University Hospital, James; Magdalena Zawojska, Communications, Marketing, and Public Affairs, Country Spoon.