Canales honored for Conrad Leadership Program service

By Lin Lofley

Rosie Canales

Rosie Canales, Director of the Office of Equal Opportunity and Minority Affairs, was recognized recently by state Sen. Royce West for her dedication to the Dr. Emmett J. Conrad Leadership Program.

“Our first Community Service Award recognizes an individual who has given unselfishly and tirelessly to the program,” Sen. West said at a recent luncheon honoring program participants. “Rosie decided that she needed to do more, could do more, and was going to do more for the program even in the midst of budget constraints.

“In short, when Rosie wants a certain outcome, she makes it happen. And we thank her for making good things happen.”  

The Conrad Program assists promising post-high school students in acquiring paid summer internships that include educational opportunities and service projects. During the program’s 19 years, UT Southwestern Medical Center has sponsored approximately 130 college undergraduates. Ms. Canales has been the program’s campus administrator since its start.

“The Conrad Program gives me an opportunity to work with young adults who are seeking careers in the field of medicine. It’s fun and rewarding to work with the interns and to help them pursue their career goals,” she said. “A number of them have been accepted into medical schools, and others are in their early careers as physicians. This is another way for me to stay connected with the community and to give something back. Every one of us has an opportunity to reach out and touch lives to make a positive impact on others. My choice is to work with the interns to help them find their career paths in medicine.”   

The Conrad Program is named for the Dallas-based physician and educational advocate, and is open to minority and disadvantaged students from Sen. West’s district. 

“It is hard work, and it is satisfying,” Ms. Canales said. “My compensation is in knowing that I have somewhat helped them pursue their dreams.”