March 2012 Research Awards

Federal Awards

Ahn, Chul, Baylor Research Inst./NIH, From NSQIP to TQIP - Trauma Quality Improvement Project, $22,048; Amatruda, James, Children’s Oncology Group/NIH, Children’s Oncology Group, $10,382; Babb, Tony, NIH, Dyspnea on Exertion in Obesity: Effects of Exercise Training and Weight Loss, $42,394; Badawy, Mohamed, Med. Coll. of Wisconsin/NIH, Study of EMS Findings Predictive of Pediatric Trauma Center Needs, $89,832; Baum, Michel, NIH, Neonatal Proximal Tubular Acidification, $301,211; Beutler, Bruce, NIH, Mutagenic Analysis of LPS Response, $778,877; Bezprozvanny, Ilya, NIH, Calcium Channels as Novel Therapeutic Targets for Huntington’s Disease, $347,356; Bowens, Cindy, ABT Associates Inc./CDC, Evaluation of Novel H1N1 Influenza A Virus Vaccine Effectiveness among Two High Risk Populations at Priority for Early Receipt of Vaccine (VE Study), $1,000; Bruick, Richard, NIH, Study of Iron-Responsive E3 Ligase Regulating Mammalian Iron Homeostasis, $310,860.

Cannon, Carolyn, Washington Univ. St. Louis/NIH, Integrated Nanosystems for Diagnosis and Therapy, $225,696; Cannon, Stephen, NIH, Molecular Physiology of Myotonia and Periodic Paralysis, $372,862; Casey, Brian, NIH, NICHD Maternal Fetal Medicine Units Network, $312,820; Chen, Benjamin, NIH, DNA-PKcs Phosphorylation on Hematopoietic Stem Cells Genome Maintenance, $329,493; Chen, Zhijian, NIH, Mechanisms of Protein Kinase Activation by Ubiquitin in NF-kB Pathways, $34,113; Chook, Yuh Min, NIH, Structures and Mechanisms of Nuclear Import and Export, $30,775; Clegg, Deborah, Univ. of Cincinnati/NIH, Insulin and CNS Control of Body Weight and Food Intake, $20,515; Coppari, Roberto, NIH, Metabolic Actions of Brain Leptin Receptors Signaling in Type 1 Diabetes, $345,372; Cowan, Christopher (C. Hale, Fellow), NIH, Mechanisms of MEF2-Dependent Synapse Elimination, $29,420.

Cowell, Lindsay, NIH, RepServer: Antigen Receptor Repertoire Analysis Pipelines via the WWW, $714,700; Crandall, Craig, NIH, Control of Skin Blood Flow and Sweating in Grafted Skin, $322,106; D’orso, Ivan, NIH, Assembly of HIV-1 and Cellular Transcription Elongation Complexes, Diversity Supplement, $62,883; Eastman, Alexander, Washington Univ St. Louis/NIH, Establishing Ethical Framework for Critical Care Genetics, $82,502; Fitzgerald, John, Duke Univ./NIH, IPF-Panther: Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Clinical Research Network, $6,759; Freeman, Anne, CDC, STD/HIV Behavioral Intervention Training Center - Southern Quadrant, $578,582; Freeman, Anne, CDC, Capacity-Building Assistance (CBA) to Improve Delivery and Effectiveness of HIV Prevention Services, $533,817; Gibson, Jay, NIH, Cortical Circuit Changes and Mechanisms in Mouse Model of Fragile X Syndrome, $278,656; Green, Carla, Maine Med. Ctr. Research Inst./NIH, Genetics of IGF1 and Bone Density: Role of Nocturnin, $16,741.

Greene, Robert, Brandeis Univ./NIH, Role of NMDA Receptors in Awake-State Thalamocortical Slow Waves, $88,313; Greene, Robert, NIH, Dopamine Modulation of NMDA Receptor Synaptic Responses, $31,474; Grinnell, Frederick, NIH, Development of In Vitro Wound Healing Model, $450,668; Hilgemann, Donald, NIH, Cardiac Function and PIP2, $377,289; Hill, Joseph, NIH, Foxo: Negative Regulator of Cardiac Hypertrophy, $388,575; Huang, Chou-Long  (M. Wolf, Fellow), Cincinnati Children’s Hosp./NIH, Pediatric Physician Scientist Program Award, $2,030; Huber, Kimberly, NIH, Study of Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein in Synaptic Function and Plasticity, $317,077; Jiang, Li, NIH, Regulation of Adenylyl Cyclase VII and Its Function in Immune System, $215,446; Jiang, Youxing, NIH, Molecular Mechanisms of Cation Channel Selectivity, $288,966; Johnson, Jane, NIH, bHLH Transcription Factors in Neural Development, $337,255; Johnson, Jane (T. Vue, Fellow), NIH, Role of Asc11 in Glioma, $49,214.

Kavalali, Ege (D. Ramirez, Fellow), NIH, Role of SNARE Proteins Vti1a and VAMP7 in Central Synaptic Transmission, $864; Kliewer, Steven, NIH, Regulation of Metabolism by Hormone FGF15/19, $334,680; Konopka, Genevieve, NIH, FOXP2-Regulated Signaling Pathways Critical for Higher Cognitive Functions, $248,921; Kramer, Helmut, NIH, Genetics of Endocytic Trafficking in Drosophila Eye, $31,734; Leavey, Patrick, Children’s Oncology Group/NIH, Children's Oncology Group, $30,000; Lenkinski, Robert, NIH, PARACEST Agents: Optimization for Human MR Imaging, $822,961; Lenkinski, Robert, GE Global Research Ctr./NIH, Improving Specificity of Breast MRI through Improved DWI, $95,000; Levine, Beth, UT Med. Branch at Galveston/NIH, Autophagy-Inducing Peptide as Novel Therapeutic for Intracellular NIAID Pathogens, $114,524; Liu, Yi, NIH, Double-stranded RNA Mediated Signaling Pathway and Gene Silencing, $276,976; Lu, Richard, NIH, Novel Model of Medulloblastoma to Define Cancer Pathways and Molecular Targets, $347,356.

Lutter, Michael, NIH, Melanocortin Signaling in Depression, $170,640; MacDonald, Raymond, NIH, Transcriptional Regulators of Exocrine Pancreatic Development, $334,680; McClintock, Shawn, NIH, Translational Research Evaluating Neurocognitive Memory Processes (TREC-MP), $131,096; McPhaul, Michael, NIH, Clinical and Basic NIDDK Research Training for Medical Students, $102,162; McPhaul, Michael, NIH, R.L. Kirschstein T-35 to Support NHLBI-Focused Short-Term Predoctoral Training, $23,166; Mendelson, Carole, NIH, Initiation of Human Labor: Prevention of Prematurity, $1,230,805; Mendelson, Carole, NIH, Cellular Mechanisms in Induction of Aromatase, $400,570; Mendelson, Carole, NIH, Mechanisms in the Regulation of SP-A Gene Expression, $37,206; Moe, Orson, NIH, Klotho and FGF23 in Chronic Kidney Disease: Pathogenesis and Potential Therapy, $345,372; Mohan, Chandra, NIH, Lupus Genes and B-Cell Signaling, $335,729.

Mumby, Marc, NIH, Cell Cycle Regulation by Protein Phosphatase 2A, $30,775; Nam, Young-Jae, NIH, Cardiac Repair by Reprogramming Fibroblasts into Cardiomyocytes, $128,583; Nedzi, Lucien, American Coll. of Radiology/NIH, Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG), $2,600; Nesbitt, Shawna, Minneapolis Med. Research Fndtn./NIH, ASPirin in Reducing Events in Elderly, $4,160; Norgard, Michael, UT Med. Branch at Galveston/NIH, Outer Membrane Proteins of Francisella Tularensis as Acellular Vaccines, $371,025; Olson, Eric  (D. Millay, Fellow), NIH, Role of MicroRNA-206 in Skeletal Muscle Regeneration, $55,670; Olson, Eric  (J. O’Rourke, Fellow), NIH, MicroRNA-29 in Postnatal Skeletal Muscle Development and Disease, $53,942; Pearson, Gray, NIH, Investigating Breast Cancer Collective Invasion, $329,407; Petroll, Matthew, NIH, Assessment of Corneal Fibroblast Biomechanical Behavior, $373,032; Phillips, Margaret, Seattle Biomedical Research Inst./NIH, Genome Wide Assessment of Essential Genes in Trypanosoma Brucei, $321,164.

Ranganathan, Rama, NIH, Mechanistic Analysis of Dynamic Scaffolding in Cellular Signaling Network, $34,972; Rodan, Aylin, NIH, Using Drosophila to Understand WNK and SPAK/OSR1 Regulation of SLC12 Cotransporters, $145,331; Rodriguez-Baez, Norberto, Univ. of Pittsburgh/NIH, Multicenter Group to Study Acute Liver Failure in Children, $10,000; Rogers, Zora, Baylor Coll. of Medicine/NIH, TCD with Transfusions Changing to Hydroxyurea (TWiTCH), $7,657; Rosen, Michael, NIH, Structural Study of GTPase Regulators and Effectors, $318,819; Rothenfluh, Adrian, NIH, Control of Alcohol Responses by Actin-Regulating Genes, $362,498; Rothenfluh, Adrian  (S. Ojelade, Fellow), NIH, Role of Icarus in Ethanol-Induced Behaviors, Diversity Fellowship, $29,516; Sanchez, Pablo, NIH, NICHD Cooperative Multicenter Neonatal Research Network, $312,820; Satterthwaite, Anne, NIH, Functional Relationships Between Lupus Susceptibility Loci Lyn and Ets1, $168,555.

Schiller, Joan, Univ. of Wisconsin/NIH, Using Technology to Enhance Cancer Communication and Improve Clinical Outcomes, $11,700; Schiller, Joan, Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group/NIH, ECOG Clinical Trials, $4,650; Seemann, Joachim, NIH, Cell Cycle Regulation of Golgi Membrane Dynamics, $31,733; Seikaly, Mouin, Children’s Mercy Hosp./NIH, Chronic Kidney Disease in Children (CKiD), $27,420; Skapek, Stephen, NIH, TGF2-2 Controls p19Arf During Eye Development, $34,263; Skapek, Stephen, Children’s Oncology Group/NIH, Children’s Oncology Group, $8,598; Skinner, Celette, Duke Univ./NIH, Adherence to Cancer Risk Management among Unaffected BRCA 1/2 Mutation, $11,000; Spence, Jeffrey, NIH, Integrating Multimodal Brain Imaging Data to Assess Subtle Cognitive Impairment, $203,431; Story, Michael, UT M.D. Anderson/NIH, Markers and Therapeutic Strategies for Overcoming Chemoradiotherapy Resistance, $13,644.

Sucato, Daniel, Univ. of Minnesota/US Dept. of Defense, Genetic Evaluation for Scoliosis Gene(s) in Patients with Neurofibromatosis 1, $43,336; Sumpter, Rhea, NIH, Novel Host Factors in Selective Autophagy of Viruses, $130,356; Takahashi, Joseph, Univ. of California, Irvine/NIH, Control of Hair Follicle Cycling, $98,088; Thomas, Philip, NIH, Development of Membrane Protein Structure, $326,985; Timaran, Carlos, Univ. of Medicine & Dentistry of N.J./NIH, Carotid Revascularization Endarterectomy vs. Stent Trial (CREST), $8,500; Vinogradov, Elena, Beth Israel Deaconess/NIH, Optimization of DIACEST and PARACEST Methodology for Quantitative in vivo Imaging, $17,871; Wan, Yihong, NIH, Connection of Mineral and Energy Metabolism by Nuclear Receptor PPAR-Gamma, $350,228; Wang, Jerry, Baylor Coll. of Medicine/NIH, Glucose & Lipid Metabolism in Obese Adolescents, $3,579; Williams, Kevin, NIH, Genetic Dissection of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in POMC Neurons, $118,829.

Winick, Naomi, Natl. Childhood Cancer Fndtn./NIH, COG Chair Grant; Patient Capitation, $49,700; Wu, Tianfu, Johns Hopkins Univ./NIH, Hopkins Lupus Cohort, $12,839; Xie, Yang, NIH, Predicting Adjuvant Chemotherapy Response in Lung Cancer, $334,336; Zigman, Jeffrey, NIH, Ghrelin's Role in Mood, $39,269.

Non-Federal Awards

Argenbright, Keith, CPRIT, Fort Worth Program for Community Survivorship (ProComS), $397,158; Argenbright, Keith, UNT HSC/CPRIT, Comprehensive Breast Cancer Prevention for High Risk Women in Dallas County, $69,729; Gao, Jinming, UT Dallas/Texas Emerging Tech Fund, Dual MRI/Fluorescent Nanoprobes for Robotic Surgery of H&N Tumors, $100,000; Karp, David (E. Solow, Fellow), Bristol-Myers Squibb, Analysis of Endothelial Cells in Rheumatoid Arthritis, $20,000; Lee, Simon, CPRIT, Breast Screening and Patient Navigation 2 (BSPAN2), $674,784; Mendelson, Carole, March of Dimes Fndtn., Cellular Mechanisms in Initiation of Labor, $136,917; Moe, Orson, Genzyme Corp., Epigenetic Regulation of Erythropoietin Receptor in Kidney by Natural Antisense Transcript, $50,000; Nijhawan, Deepak, American Soc. of Clinical Oncology, Identifying Cancer Targets in Regions of Broad Genomic Amplification in Lung Cancer, $18,447; Parada, Luis, Indiana Univ./Children’s Tumor Fndtn., Drug Discovery Initiative Neurofibromatosis Preclinical Consortium, $75,000.

Industry Sponsored Awards, dollar amounts not available

Brown, E. Sherwood, 12-Week Extended Study for Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder with Mixed Features; Cobb, Melanie, Effects of Isoxazole on Diabetes; Collins, Robert, Ph2 Trial of Dasatinib (SPRYCEL) vs. Dasatinib Plus Smoothened Antagonist (BMS-833923) in Treatment of Newly Diagnosed Chronic Phase Philadelphia Chromosome Positive CML; Collins, Robert, Ph3 Study of ON 01919.Na Admin as 72-Hour Continuous IV Infusion in Myelodysplastic Syndrome Patients; Emslie, Graham, Study of Sapropterin Dihydrochloride on Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Sbjs with Phenylketonuria (PKU ASCEND); Gul, Fatma, Ph3 Extended Study of Repeated Treatment of Dysport Intramuscular Injections used for Upper Limb Spasticity in Adult Subjects with Spastic Hemiparesis due to Stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury; Gul, Fatma, Ph3 Study of Dysport Intramuscular Injections used for Treatment of Upper Limb Spasticity in Adult Subjects with Spastic Hemiparesis due to Stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury.

Kenkel, Jeffrey, Pharmokinetic Examination of TA Sciences Formulations; Lee, William, Ph3 Study of BI201335 240 mg for 24 Weeks in Combination w/Pegylated Interferon-a (PegIFN) and Ribavirin (RBV); Nedzi, Lucien, Ph2 Study of ALD518 in Reduction of Oral Mucositis in Subjects with Head and Neck Cancer; Scott, Daniel, MAGS Co-Development Agmt Ph2; Shah, Anjali, Long-Term Study of Patients with New MS with Fingolimod 1/day or Another Approved Disease-Modifying Therapy; Torres, Fernando, Impact on Lifestyle of New Thermo Stable Formulation of FLOLAN in Subjects with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH); Velez, Larissa, Evaluation of Ecallantide for Acute Treatment of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitor Induced Angioedema; Ward Ober, Sally, Intracellular Trafficking Behavior of Albumin Variants.