February 2012 Research Awards

Federal Awards

Adinoff, Bryon, Texas A&M Univ.-Commerce/NIH, Application to Functional MRI Data from Cocaine-Addicted Patients, $31,470; Aguirre, Vincent, NIH, Melanocortin-4 Receptor-Dependent Regulation of Energy Balance After Gastric Bypass in Mice, $142,668; Ariizumi, Kiyoshi, NIH, DC-HIL in Cutaneous Immunity, $39,538; Berry, Jarett, NIH, Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Carotid Artery Subclinical Atherosclerosis, $132,517; Brugarolas, James (T. Tran, Fellow), NIH, RNAi Screen in Drosophila Cells for Kinases Involved in TOR Regulation, $16,237; Burgess, Shawn, NIH, Factors Controlling Metabolic Flux in Liver by NMR Isotopomer Analysis, $30,775; Burstein, Ezra, NIH, Control of NF-kB and Inflammation by COMMD Proteins, $345,282; Butovich, Igor, NIH, Biochemistry and Biophysics of Pre-ocular Tear Film, $304,504; Castrillon, Diego, NIH, Mouse Models and Translational Studies of Endometrial Cancer, $380,057; Chen, David, NIH, Functions of WRN in Response to DNA Double-Strand Breaks, $316,002.

Choy, Hak, American Coll. of Radiology/NIH, Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG) Committee Chair, $8,750; Cobb, Melanie, NIH, Regulation and Function of STE20-Related Protein Kinases, $459,282; Cobb, Melanie, NIH, MAP Kinase in Islet Function, $365,125; Coppari, Roberto, NIH, Physiological Relevance of SIRT1 in Brain on Energy and Glucose Homeostasis, $334,680; Corey, David (K. Gagnon, Fellow), NIH, Activating Gene Expression with Antigene RNAs to Treat Genetic Diseases, $900; Cowan, Christopher, NIH, Transcriptional Mechanisms of Addiction-Related Neural Plasticity, $321,469; Diaz-Arrastia, Ramon, NIH, Traumatic Brain Injury Clinical Trials Network - Cobrit Close-Out Supplement, $466,582; D’orso, Ivan, NIH, Assembly of HIV-1 and Cellular Transcription Elongation Complexes, $243,149; Eisch, Amelia, NIH, Opiates and Adult Neurogenesis, $379,254; Elmquist, Joel (S. Udit, Fellow), NIH, Role of Vagal Afferents in Maintenance of Body Weight and Glucose Homeostasis, $31,932.

Emslie, Graham, NIH, Pediatric MDD: Sequential Treatment with Fluoxetine and Relapse Prevention CBT (MPI), $550,805; Feranchak, Andrew, NIH, Mechanosensitive ATP Release and Signaling in Cholangiocyte Secretion, $307,751; Fitzgerald, John, Duke Univ. Med. Ctr./NIH, IPF-PANTHER: Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Clinical Research Network, $773; Garcia, Christine, NIH, Pulmonary Fibrosis and Telomerase Dysfunction, $444,983; Gerber, David, Texas Tech Univ. HSC/NIH, PhI Trial of Intraveneous Fenretinide (4-HPR) Plus, $65,638; Hansen, Eric, NIH, Haemophilus Ducreyi Inhibits Phagocytosis, $396,771; Hedayati, Susan, NIH, Randomized Trial of Sertraline Treatment of Depression in Chronic Kidney Disease, $345,191; Hendrixson, David, NIH, Campylobacter Jejuni Flagellar Regulation and Synthesis – Diversity Supplemental, $26,081; Hobbs, Helen, NIH, Role of ABCG5 and ABCG8 in Sterol Metabolism, $451,585; Hsieh, Jenny, Emory Univ./NIH, Regulations of Epileptogenesis by Transcription Repressor; REST, $66,961.

Huang, Chou-Long, NIH, Regulation of Renal Calcium Transport, $326,113; Huang, Chou-Long, NIH, Membrane Trafficking of Renal Ion Transport Proteins in Potassium Homeostasis, $27,360; Huang, Hao, Allen Inst. for Brain Science/NIH, BrainSpan Atlas of Developing Human, $21,984; Jain, Raksha, NIH, Hormonal Influences on Airway Disease, $128,250; Karandikar, Nitin, NIH, Dissecting Immune Basis of Disease and Therapy, $182,524; Kohler, Jennifer, NIH, Discovery of Novel Cholera Toxin Receptors, $198,438; Lee, Simon, NIH, Inter-Personal Framework for Lung Cancer Decision-Making in African-Americans, $79,375; Lenkinski, Robert, NIH, PARACEST Agents: Optimization for Human MR Imaging, $880,058; Levine, Benjamin, Natl. Space Biomedical Research Inst., Team Leader for Cardiovascular Alterations Team, $6,667; Lin, Rueyling, NIH, Transcriptional Regulation by Wnt Effector POP-1, $31,598; Lu, Richard, NIH, Chromatin Remodeling Control of CNS Myelination and Remyelination, $347,356.

Martinez, Elisabeth, NIH, Characterization of Biological Activities of Novel Epigenetic Modulators, $319,356; Moe, Orson (P. Ravikumar, Fellow), NIH, Role of Anti-Aging Klotho Gene on Adaptation to Oxidative Stress, $53,942; Monteggia, Lisa, NIH, MeCP2 Dependent Transcriptional Repression & Neurotransmission, $349,718; Norgard, Michael, NIH, RpoN-RpoS Regulatory Pathway in Borrellia Burgdorferi, $393,803; Norgard, Michael, NIH, Structure and Function of Treponema Pallidum Lipoproteins, $384,689; Olson, Eric (D. Patrick, Fellow), NIH, Regulation of Cardiac Hypertrophy by microRNA-21, $432; Orth, Kim, NIH, Analysis of Orchestrated Cell Death Mediated by Vibrio Parahaemolytics T3SS1, $392,907; Orth, Kim, NIH, Biochemical Characterization of Yersinia Effector YpoJ, $307,751; Pandita, Tej, NIH, 15th International Workshop on Ataxis-Telangiectasia and ATM-India, $7,000; Parada, Luis, NIH, Genetic Mouse Models of Glioma, $389,384; Parada, Luis (W. Mo, Fellow), U.S. Dept. of Defense, Mechanism by which Neurofibromin Suppresses Tumorigenesis, $52,736.

Pawlowski, Karen, Case Western Reserve Univ./NIH, Molecular Genetics of Deafness in Usher Syndrome IIIA, $79,128; Pfeiffer, Julie, NIH, Influence of Host Barriers on Viral Quasispecies Diversity and Pathogenesis, $346,221; Phillips, Margaret (N. Velez, Fellow), NIH, Targeting Trypanosoma Brucei S-Adenosylmethionine Decarboxylase in Drug Discovery, $29,592; Punaro, Marilynn, Duke Univ. Med. Ctr./NIH, CARRANet: Accelerating Toward Evidence-Based Culture in Pediatric Rheumatology – ARRA Stimulus Funding, $68; Ready, Joseph, Mount Sinai School of Medicine/NIH, Development of Pan-filoviral Inhibitors of Replication Targeting VP35 Proteins, $207,936; Rice, Luke, Natl. Science Fndtn., CAREER: Understanding Microtubule Dynamics Using Biochemically-Defined Tubulin Mutants to Integrate Structure, Biochemistry and Kinetics, $214,392; Rizo-Rey, Jose, NIH, Neurotransmitter Release Machinery: Structure and Function, $459,009; Rizo-Rey, Jose, NIH, Synaptotagmin and C2-Domains: Structure & Function, $407,782.

Savani, Rashmin, NIH, ABCA3 and Response to Lung Injury, $388,575; Scheuermann, Richard, Mayo Clinic/NIH, Bioinformatics Approach to Influenza A/H1N1 Vaccine Immune Profiling, $160,069; Scheuermann, Richard, Northrop Grumman Corp./NIH, BISC ImmPort System Maintenance and User Support, $52,679; Seidel, Michelle (C. Smith, Fellow), NIH, Analysis of PDFR Alpha Signaling in Cardiac Fibroblast Development and Function, $216; Self, David, NIH, Role of Endogenous Opiate Systems in Cocaine Relapse After Long-Term Abstinence, $342,653; Self, David, NIH, Mechanisms of Altered Dopamine Signaling in Cocaine Addiction, $339,227; Sherry, Dean, NIH, PARACEST Agents for Molecular Imaging of Cancer by MRI, $267,556; Skapek, Stephen, NIH, TGF2-2 Controls p19Arf During Eye Development, $154,701; Smith, Dean, NIH, Molecular Basis of Pheromone-Induced Behaviors in Drosophila, $386,960.

Souza, Rhonda, NIH, Basic and Clinical Studies on Role of Bile Acids in Barrett’s Esophagus (MPI), $253,607; Sperandio, Vanessa, NIH, SdiA Regulation of EHEC Virulence, $378,024; Sweeney, John, NIH, Bipolar & Schizophrenia Consortium for Parsing Endophenotypes, $518,184; Tamminga, Carol, Mount Sinai School of Medicine/ NIH, Neural Substrates of Appetitive Behavior in Mood and Motivation, $206,683; Terman, Jonathan, NIH, Molecular Mechanisms of Semaphorin/Plexin-Mediated Cytoskeletal Reorganization, $347,174; Thomas, Philip (A. Patrick, Fellow), NIH, Misfolding Pathway of CFTR: Early Interdomain and Protein Interactions, $33,059; Wakeland, Edward, NIH, Genetic Pathways Contributing to SLE Pathogenesis, $464,191; Yan, Nan, NIH, HIV Subversion of Innate Immunity, $396,771; Yarovinsky, Felix, NIH, Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Host Resistance to Toxoplasma Gondii, $392,803; Zinn, Andrew, NIH, SIM1 Function in Feeding Regulation, $334,680.

Non-Federal Awards

Adinoff, Bryon, Univ. of North Texas/Discovery Fndtn., Exercise Intervention for Psychoneuroendocrine Comorbidities and Relapse Prevention in Women Recovering from Substance Abuse, $5,000; Argenbright, Keith, Univ. of North Texas HSC/CPRIT, Rural Texas Physician Cancer Screening Education Program in High-Risk Cancer Cluster Regions, $17,500; Banerjee, Rahul, Orthopaedic Trauma Assn., Role of G Protein-Coupled Estrogen Receptor 1 in Fracture Healing of Normal and Oophorectomized Mice, $25,000; Cannon, Carolyn, Cystic Fibrosis Fndtn., Therapeutics Development Center, $80,438; Iscla, Irene, American Heart Assn. Natl. Ctr., Novel Approach for Study of Function-Structure Relationships of Channels Involved in Ischemia and Angiogenesis, $77,000; Kim, James, Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Fndtn., Role of Hedgehog Pathway Activity in Human Lung Cancer with Mutant K-Ras, $50,000.

Lea, Jayanthi, Texas Tech Univ. HSC/CPRIT, SPOC-2011-001 PhI/II Trial of Fenretinide LXS Oral, $10,000; Li, Bing, March of Dimes Birth Defects Fndtn., Guardian of Transcribed Chromatin, $75,000; Morrison, Sean (B. Zhou, Fellow), Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Determining Cell-of-Origin of Mouse Leukemias, $55,000; Pfeiffer, Julie, World Health Organization, Using Polysaccharides to Enhance Poliovirus Vaccine Efficacy, $95,818; Powell, Craig, Autism Speaks, Temporally Controlled Genetic Rescue of Shank3 Autism Model, $60,000; Siegelman, Mark, American Diabetes Assn., CD44act Dependent Trafficking of Highly Potent Subset of Regulatory T Cells in Human IBD, $109,250; Wai, Clifford (T. Montoya, Fellow), American Urogynecologic Society Fndtn., Utility of Myogenic Stem Cell-Laden Hydrogel Scaffold in Wound Healing of Disrupted External Anal Sphincter, $12,500; Yu, Hongtao, Clayton Fndtn. for Research, Development of Next Generation Antimitotic Anticancer Drugs, $300,000.

Industry Sponsored Awards, dollar amounts not available

Addo, Tayo, Renal Denervation in Patients with Uncontrolled Hypertension – SYMPLICITY HTN-3; Brown, Sherwood, Six-week Study of Lurasidone for Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder with Mixed Features; Carr, Bruce, Ph2a Proof of Concept Study of Elagolix in Pre-Menopausal Women with Heavy Uterine Bleeding and Uterine Fibroids; Cruz, Ponciano, Studies of Skin Biology and Skin Disease and Colloquium; Daniels, James, SureScan Pacing System Post-Approval Study; Iannaccone, Susan, Exploratory to Assess Two Doses of GSK2402968 in Treatment of Ambulant Boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy; Iannaccone, Susan, Ph3 Study of Idebenone in 10-18 Yr Old Patients with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DELOS); Modur, Pradeep, Study of Intranasal Midazolam (USL261) in Outpatient Treatment of Subjects with Seizure Clusters (ARTEMIS-1); O'Suilleabhain, Padraig, Ph1b Study in Subjects with Huntington’s Disease of Repeated Oral Doses of SEN0014196.