35 Years: Sheila Woodward-Morgan

After 35 years as a registered nurse at St. Paul University Hospital, three children, and five grandchildren – all but one born at St. Paul – and thousands of babies born on her watch, Sheila Woodward-Morgan has earned her title of “Grandnan” among her peers in the neonatal and perinatal units at St. Paul.

Sheila Woodward-Morgan

“I just love my babies!” she said. “My first love is babies, and I get to work with them each and every day. I feel so truly blessed to do what I love and love what I do.”

From her beginnings in the newborn nursery to her current position as a perinatal charge nurse and instructor of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and neonatal resuscitation, Ms. Woodward-Morgan fondly recalls the memories she shares with families she has witnessed through the years.

“I once took care of a mom having her third child here at St. Paul. I took care of all of her babies, and it was a thrill to watch her family grow,” Ms. Woodward-Morgan recalled. “I also take great pride in watching 1- to 2-pound babies graduate from the NICU. These are my special babies.”

UT Southwestern Medical Center has offered Ms. Woodward-Morgan, a Clinical Ladder 4 nurse, the opportunity for continuous learning and growth. “I even went back to school to learn Spanish so I could better serve my Spanish-speaking patients,” she said. The leadership and pride in watching UT Southwestern grow are among the reasons she stays dedicated to the institution and looks forward to continuing caregiving at the new University Hospital.

Her Cajun/creole roots in Louisiana ignite her passion for listening and dancing to the eclectic beats of zydeco music. Her love of baking yields a family favorite blackberry pie made from scratch. It is the passion she has, and the love she gives, that makes her a lifetime caregiver to her special babies, and her loving family. 

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