35 Years: Gay Montree

As she looks out her office window at the new William C. Clements Jr. University Hospital under construction, performance improvement specialist Gay Montree feels both pride and nostalgia. The changes are good, a reflection of her own career path that started 35 years ago at what is now St. Paul University Hospital.

Gay Montree

“When I see the new hospital going up, I think, ‘Oh well, I won’t be here.’ But I’ll be one of the first to get in my car, come over and go on a tour of the new hospital,” said Ms. Montree, who will retire in 2014.

When she started at St. Paul as a nurse in 1976, the Roman Catholic Daughters of Charity operated the hospital. She was there in 1997 when Texas Health Resources bought the facility, and also in 2000 when it was acquired by UT Southwestern Medical Center.

“UT Southwestern came in and provided stability, safety, and vision for us,” Ms. Montree said. “They started making changes, and suddenly it became a very stable environment.”

Strong leadership from UT Southwestern enabled Ms. Montree to witness many milestones along the way, including the first heart transplant in Dallas, which was performed at St. Paul.

Outside the office, Ms. Montree participates in church activities, travels, and meets regularly with a group of church friends called the “Birthday Club.” The soft-spoken mystery book fan also works out every day. 

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