35 Years: Ornanong (Orna) Charuworn

A native of Thailand, Ornanong (Orna) Charuworn and her sister came to the United States in 1966. After finishing high school in Missouri, both began careers in health care. Her sister is now a dentist, and Ms. Charuworn is a nurse.

Ornanong (Orna) Charuworn

Today she works as a nurse anesthesiologist for Labor and Delivery at St. Paul University Hospital. Ms. Charuworn also responds to code blues, which means a patient is in respiratory distress and must be intubated.

Her family is a large one. In addition to two sons, Ms. Charuworn has six sisters (one of whom is deceased) and three brothers. She also has 30 nieces and nephews and 15 great nieces and nephews.

Away from UT Southwestern Medical Center, Ms. Charuworn enjoys reading mystery novels and researching natural strategies for health ailments.

“Unfortunately, three of my siblings have been stricken with cancer, four with hypertension,” she said. “I like to read about natural ways to prevent these diseases for my family and myself. Despite the distance, we’re all very close. My favorite pastime is calling everyone in Thailand.” 

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