Impressive art collection donated by Horchows installed on North Campus

By Rachel Skei Donihoo

A collection of folk art donated to UT Southwestern by philanthropist and retail entrepreneur Roger Horchow and his late wife, Carolyn, was installed this fall in the lobby of the Biomedical Research Building, a new 12-story tower on the North Campus whose top two floors house the Children’s Research Institute, a collaborative effort between Children’s Medical Center Dallas and UT Southwestern.

Horschow collection
Among the artifacts included in the Horchow Art Collection are these America-themed figures. From left: a baseball player who holds two bats that would swing with the wind if placed outside; an Uncle Sam figure; a colonial-themed mobile figure with two swinging flags similar to the baseball player; and a rangy Uncle Sam.
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The Horchows  collected the 135 priceless artifacts on their many worldwide travels over four decades. Mr. Horchow is a Broadway producer, an author, and the founder of the Horchow Collection, the famed luxury mail-order catalog.

 “One of the things we’ve enjoyed most during our years of travel is the opportunity to buy things that are appealing to us – things that are unique to the region and its natives,” he said upon donating the pieces in 2009. “Because so many of the pieces are colorful, and often whimsical, we could think of no better audience than pediatric patients, their families and the researchers who work tirelessly on pediatric illnesses.”

Art expert and collector Margaret Anne Cullum, a longtime friend of UT Southwestern and docent at the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA), oversaw the installation and was instrumental in arranging the display.

“This collection has been a delight to work on,” said Ms. Cullum, who also donated a toy of her own, an airplane made of East Texas scrap metal. “It’s particularly wonderful to be a part of a project that you know will be enjoyed by all, especially children and their families.

 “The real heroes, however, are the guys in the UT Southwestern carpentry and paint shops, who created the beautiful cabinets for the display.”

Ms. Cullum also acknowledged Russell Sublette, a preparator at the DMA, who constructed the lifts and mounts for the display.

“This spectacular collection is a true testament to the creativity, generosity and compassion of the Horchows, who have gone above and beyond to share their love of art with the UT Southwestern community,” said Dr. Daniel K. Podolsky, President of UT Southwestern.  “It will be a particular inspiration to, the scientists in the building who are working on the causes and cures of pediatric diseases.

 “We are enormously grateful to the Horchows for their wonderful gift, and to Margaret Anne Cullum, whose expertise and incomparable eye for detail has made this display one of our institution’s finest additions.”


Dr. Podolsky holds the Philip O’Bryan Montgomery Jr., M.D., Distinguished Presidential Chair in Academic Administration and the Doris and Bryan Wildenthal Distinguished Chair in Medical Science