Campus Safety

Theft accounts for the vast majority of crimes that occur on and off campus. Simple measures can be taken to secure your property and keep you from becoming a victim:

  • Lock your office door every time you leave, even if you are only going for coffee, to the copy room, or the restroom. If you work in a cubicle, lock valuables in a desk drawer, credenza, or file cabinet.
  • Install a theft-deterrent device or system in your car, such as fuel/electrical kill switches, tapered interior door locks, an intrusion/detection system with audible alarms, and/or a GPS vehicle-tracking system.
  • Protect valuables from theft at home by making sure exterior doors are constructed of solid-core wood or metal. Install high-quality deadbolt locks, and use them.
  • Mark or engrave your driver’s license number on all valuable personal property. Engravers are available for checkout weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Crime Prevention Unit office at NB1.102.
  • Keep a list of property-identifying information (such as serial number, brand, model, color, etc.) in a secure, convenient, and readily accessible location in case you are victimized.

Be alert for suspicious individuals or activities on campus, and report them to University Police:

  • 311 (nonemergency, from any building telephone)
  • 214-648-8311 (nonemergency, from telephones off campus, cell phones, and Medical Park Apartments)
  • 911 (emergency, from any building telephone)
  • 214-648-8911 (emergency, from telephones off campus, cell phones, and Medical Park Apartments)