April 2012 Grants

Federal Awards

Beutler, Bruce, Scripps Research Inst./NIH, Systems Approach to Immunity and Inflammation, $2,268,918; Beutler, Bruce, Scripps Research Inst./NIH, Discovery and Analysis of Synthetic TLR Agonists and Antagonists, $25,170; Bibb, James, NIH, Novel Signal Transduction Mechanisms in Learning and Memory, $39,269; Bobulescu, Ion, NIH, Protein Phosphatase Regulation of Principal Renal Sodium Transporter NHE3, $86,847; Boothman, David, NIH, Use of Beta-Lapachone for Lung Cancer Chemotherapy, $330,925; Boothman, David, NIH, Ku70 Binding Protein-5 (KUB5), Novel Factor in Nonhomologous End Joining, $319,692; Brilakis, Emmanouil, NIH, Effect of Extended-Release Niacin on Saphenous Vein Graft Atherosclerosis, $249,480; Brown, Sherwood, NIH, Antidepressant Treatment at Inner City Asthma Clinic, $428,428; Burma, Sandeep, NIH, Molecular Mechanisms of GBM Radioresistance and Strategies for Radiosensitization, $32,923.

Cavanagh, Dwight, Jaeb Ctr. for Health Research/NIH, Cornea Donor Study, $75; Chen, David, NIH, Pathway Choice of DNA Double-Strand Break Repair, $329,493; Chuang, David, NIH, Structure and Function of Mitochondrial Protein Kinase, $334,680; Cleaver, Ondine, NIH, Blood Vessel Tubulogenesis: Rasip1-Directed GTPase Signaling and Cell Polarity, $396,979; Crandall, Craig, U.S. Dept. of Defense, Effects of Thermal Status on Markers of Blood Coagulation during Simulated Hemorrhage, $250,000; DeBerardinis, Ralph, NIH, Metabolic Regulators of Tumor Cell Growth, $329,579; DeMartino, George, NIH, Function and Regulation of Proteasome, $315,446; Dowling, Michael, Univ. of Calif., San Francisco/NIH, Vascular Effects of Infection in Pediatric Stroke: VIPS, $15,307; Drazner, Mark, Duke Univ./NIH, STICH-Surgical Treatment of Ischemic Heart Failure, $450; Elmquist, Joel, NIH, CNS Pathways Regulating Ghrelin Effects on Body Weight, $307,751; Elmquist, Joel (E. Berglund, Fellow), NIH, Requirement of 5-HT2CRs in POMC and SIM1 Neurons to Regulate Energy Homeostasis, $53,942.

Evans, Patricia, Wayne State Univ./NIH, Early Pharmacotherapy Guided by Biomarkers in Autism, $54,335; Fitz, Gregory, NIH, Regulation of Secretion by Bile Duct Epithelial Cells, $346,221; Fitzgerald, John, Duke Univ./NIH, IPF-PANTHER: Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Clinical Research Network, $2,174; Goldstein, Joseph, NIH, Molecular Basis of Cholesterol Metabolism, $4,280,700; Greenberg, David, NIH, Novel Gene-Silencing Therapeutics for Multidrug-Resistant Gram-Negative Pathogens, $186,133; He, Yu-Guang, Vital Art and Science/NIH, Home-Based DR Vision Diagnostic System (SBIR), $60,141; Holland, William, NIH, Adiponectin Receptors and S1P Signaling in Beta Cell Survival and Proliferation, $90,000; Hsia, Connie, NIH, Signals for Post-Pneumonectomy Compensatory Lung Growth, $37,223; Husain, Mustafa, NIH, Prolonging Remission in Depressed Elderly (PRIDE), $203,752; Johnson, Mark, Emmes Corp./NIH, Platelet-Oriented Inhibition in New TIA and Minor Ischemic Stroke (POINT) Trial, $6,000.

Kavalali, Ege, NIH, Role of SNARE Interactions in Central Synapse Function, $388,575; Kavalali, Ege, NIH, Cellular Biophysics of Neuron Training Program, $127,050; Khera, Amit, Yale Univ./NIH, Young Women with Acute Myocardial Infarction (VIRGO), $500; Koch, Joshua, Univ. of Michigan/NIH, Therapeutic Hypothermia after Pediatric Cardiac Arrest; THAPCA Trials, $26,214; Le, Lu Quang, U.S. Dept. of Defense, Cell of Origin and Roles of Tumor Microenvironment in Dermal Neurofibroma Development and Therapeutics, $211,777; Leitch, Marilyn, Duke Univ./NIH, ACOSOG - Chair of Membership Committee, $6,125; MacMillan, John, NIH, Marine Actinomycetes as Resource for Anticancer Natural Products, $319,776; Maher, Elizabeth, NIH, Defining Metabolic Phenotype of Low Grade Gliomas in Vivo, $329,493; Malter, James, Univ. of Wisconsin/NIH, Regulation of TGF-B1 Production and Signaling by PIN-1, $135,643; Mammen, Pradeep, NIH, Cytoglobin: Stress-Responsive Hemoprotein Modulating Cardiomyocyte Survival, $396,979.

Mason, Ralph, NIH, Hypoxia and Radiotherapy: Evaluation and Mitigation in Tumors, $31,927; McAdams, Carrie, Virginia Polytechnic/NIH, Computational Substrates of Addiction and Reward, $58,699; McKnight, Steven, NIH, Discovery, Characterization and Preclinical Development of Pro-Neurogenic Drugs, $1,238,447; Miller, David, Gynecologic Oncology Group/NIH, Corpus Committee Chair Agreement, $12,804; Miller, David, Gynecologic Oncology Group/NIH, Gynecologic Oncology Group Studies, $6,300; Minei, Joseph, Oregon Health & Science/U.S. Air Force, Efficacy and Safety of Frozen Blood for Transfusion in Trauma Patients, $421,506; Monteggia, Lisa, NIH, Antidepressants and Intracellular Signaling Linked to BDNF, $393,112; Mootha, Venkateswara, NIH, Genetics and Genomics of Fuchs Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy, $317,667; Nesbitt, Shawna, Minneapolis Med. Research Fndtn./NIH, ASPirin in Reducing Events in Elderly – Admin Suppl, $24,411.

Nirodi, Chaitanya, NIH, Role of EGFR in DNA Repair and Radiation Response in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, $252,801; Olson, Eric, NIH, Heart Repair Through Reprogramming of Cardiac Cell Fate, $530,858; O’Suilleabhain, Padraig, Massachusetts General Hosp./NIH, Coenzyme Q10 in Huntington’s Disease, $3,660; Powell, Craig, NIH, Neuroligin Function in vivo: Implications for Autism and Mental Retardation, $38,857; Punaro, Marilynn, Duke Univ./NIH, CARRANet: Accelerating Toward Evidence-Based Culture in Pediatric Rheumatology, $102; Quiceno, Mary, Univ. of Calif., San Diego/NIH, Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study, $11,359; Rodriguez-Baez, Norberto, Univ. of Pittsburgh/NIH, Multi-Center Group to Study Acute Liver Failure in Children, $111,650; Rogers, Zora, Children’s Hospital Boston/NIH, Comparative Effectiveness of Strategies to Improve Iron Chelation in Thalassemia, $3,402; Rosenbaum, Daniel (L. Clark, Fellow), Natl. Science Fndtn., NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, $42,000.

Rosenfeld, Charles, NIH, Studies of Uteroplacental Circulation, $309,617; Ross, Theodora, NIH, Huntington Interacting Protein-1(HIP1) and the Promotion of Neoplasia, $28,233; Sakhaee, Khashayar, NIH, Pathogenesis of Idiopathic Uric Acid Nephrolithiasis: Role of Renal Lipotoxicity, $334,680; Scherer, Philipp, NIH, ACRP, A Protein Secreted From Adipose Tissue, $431,939; Shay, Jerry (A. Kaisani, Fellow), U.S. Dept. of Defense, Regulation of Angiogenesis by Homeobox Gene D10 (HoxD10) in Breast Cancer, $42,773; Sherry, Dean (C. Khemtong, Fellow), U.S. Dept. of Defense, Hyperpolarized 15N Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Tumor Hypoxia in Prostate Cancer, $119,250; Smith, Scott, NIH, Mechanisms of Exercise Pressor Reflex Overactivity in Hypertension, $355,575; Snell, William, NIH, Cell Surface Recognition and Cell Interactions, $373,149; Sweeney, John, NIH, Bipolar & Schizophrenia Consortium for Parsing Endophenotypes, $518,184; Terman, Jonathan, NIH, Molecular Mechanisms of Axon Guidance and Neural Connectivity, $349,718.

Toto, Robert, Univ. of Utah/NIH, Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial (SPRINT) Clinical Center Networks, $3,340; Trivedi, Madhukar, NIH, Clinical Trial Network: North Texas Node – CTN49 Project Hope, $127,471; White, Michael, NIH, Components of RAS Mediated Growth Control, $324,390; Winick, Naomi, Children’s Oncology Group/NIH, COG Chair Grant PCR; #1233, $4,000; Wise, Carol, NIH, Identification of Genetic Susceptibility in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis, $396,921; Wright, Tracey, Baylor Med. Ctr./NIH, Systems Biology Approach for Pediatric and Adult Autoimmune Diseases, $71,399; Wright, Woodring, NIH, Manipulating Telomerase Alternative Splicing for Cancer Therapy, $32,915; Yanagisawa, Hiromi, NIH, Loss of Matrix Regulation and Aortic Aneurysm Development in Vivo, $39,723; Zhang, Rong, NIH, Arterial Aging, Brain Perfusion and Exercise: Impact on Brain Structure and Function, $516,692; Zigman, Jeffrey, NIH, Ghrelin and Reward, $299,614.

Non-Federal Awards – April 2012

Abrams, John, Welch Fndtn., Apoptosome Control by Tango7/EIF3M Proteins, $10,000; Alto, Neal, Welch Fndtn., Post-Translational Modification of Host Enzymes by Bacterial Effector Proteins, $75,000; Altschuler, Steven, Welch Fndtn., Mechanism and Zonation of Hepatic Crosstalk between Lipogenesis and Canonical Wnt-Signaling, $60,000; Bezprozvanny, Ilya, Welch Fndtn., Novel Amyloid-Binding Peptoid Ligands as Alzheimer’s Therapeutic, $60,000; Blount, Paul, CPRIT, Imaging Cancerous Tissues with Liposomal MRI Contrast Agents That Utilize Bioengineered Nanovalves, $423,757; Blount, Paul, Welch Fndtn., Lipid-Protein Interactions for Channel Gated by Membrane Tension, $60,000; Brown, Kathlynn, Welch Fndtn., Design and Synthesis of Tumor Targeted Drug Delivery Systems for Lung Cancer Therapy, $60,000; Bruick, Richard, Welch Fndtn., Characterization of Iron- and Oxygen-Sensing Switch Regulating Cellular Iron Homeostasis, $10,000; Burma, Sandeep, CPRIT, Impact of GBM-Specific Oncogenic Events on DNA Repair Pathways: Implications for Therapy, $292,190.

Castrillon, Diego, CPRIT, Model Systems and Translational Studies of Cervical Cancer Progression, $277,777; Chen, Chuo, Welch Fndtn., Mechanistic Studies on Vanadium-Catalyzed C-H Hydroxylation, $10,000; Chen, Zhijian, Welch Fndtn., Biochemical Mechanism of NF-kB Inhibition by Deubiquitination Enzymes, $20,000; Chook, Yuh Min, Welch Fndtn., Quantitative Characterization of Nuclear Export Inhibition, $75,000; Chuang, David, Welch Fndtn., Mitochondrial Signaling by Reversible Phosphorylation, $15,000; Cobb, Melanie, Welch Fndtn., Regulatory and Catalytic Properties of MAP Kinase Cascades, $60,000; Conrad, Nicholas, Welch Fndtn., Biochemical Analysis of Viral RNA Stability Element with Its Cellular Cofactor, hnRNP C, $10,000; Corey, David, Welch Fndtn., Recognition of Cellular Nucleic Acids by Synthetic Oligomers, $75,000; De Brabander, Jef, Welch Fndtn., Novel Heterocyclizations for Natural Product Synthesis, $60,000; DeBerardinis, Ralph, Welch Fndtn., Dynamic Nuclear Polarization of Small Molecule Metabolic Probes: Novel Reagents for Monitoring Cancer Cell Metabolism, $10,000.

DeMartino, George, Welch Fndtn., Mechanisms and Regulation of 26S Proteasome Assembly and Activation, $10,000; D’orso, Ivan, Welch Fndtn., Cooperative Assembly of HIV Transcription Elongation Complexes, $60,000; Feranchak, Andrew, Cystic Fibrosis Fndtn., Development and Characterization of CF Biliary Epithelial Model, $43,200; Gardner, Kevin, CPRIT, Discovery and Optimization of Natural and Artificial Ligands Regulating Hypoxia Inducible Factor, $528,631; Gardner, Kevin, Welch Fndtn., Comparative Studies of Signaling Mechanisms of Flavin-Based Protein Photosensors, $60,000; Garrard, William, Welch Fndtn., Formaldehyde Cross-Linking for Discovery or Novel Regulatory Elements Exhibiting Long-Range Interactions Within and Between Chromosomes, $60,000; Goldsmith, Elizabeth, CPRIT, Mapping Inhibitor Interactions and Conformational Space of MAP3K TAO2, New Protein Kinase Cancer Drug Target, $225,801; Goldsmith, Elizabeth, Welch Fndtn., Docking Interactions Between MAP3Ks, ASK1/TAO2 and B-Raf with their Cognate MAP2Ks MEK6 and MK1, $75,000.

Greenberg, Benjamin, Accelerated Cure Project, Accelerated Cure Project Clinical Trial Steering Committee, $30,397; Herz, Joachim, Univ. of Calif., San Francisco, Consortium for Frontotemporal Dementia Research, $59,010; Hooper, Lora, Welch Fndtn., Biochemical and Structural Studies of Novel Retinoid Binding Protein Family, $60,000; Hsieh, Jenny, CPRIT, Small Molecule Differentiation Agent to Target Glioma Stem Cells, $195,680; Huber, Kimberly (W. Guo, Fellow), Fraxa Research Fndtn., Evaluation of CamKll Dependent Regulation of mGluR5-Homer Scaffolds as Potential Therapeutic for Fragile X Syndrome, $45,000; Idris, Ahamed, Univ. of Washington/American Heart Assn., Continuation of Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium Registry – AHA, $115,000; Jiang, Jin, CPRIT, Dissecting Hippo Tumor Supressor Pathway in Organ Size Control and Stem Cell Proliferation, $369,873; Jiang, Qiu-Xing, Welch Fndtn., Structural Basis for Ligand-Gating if Type 1 IPc Receptor, $60,000; Johnson, Jane, Fine Science Tools, Fine Science Tools Travel Award, $1,000.

Kim, Taekyung, Welch Fndtn., Biochemical Characterization of Novel Class of Noncoding RNAs, $60,000; Kittler, Ralf, CPRIT, Recruitment of First-Time, Tenure-Track Faculty Members, $489,418; Kliewer, Steven, Welch Fndtn., Characterization of Endogenous Ligand for Immunomodulatory Orphan Nuclear Receptor ROR, $100,000; Kurti, Laszlo, Welch Fndtn., Synthesis of Complex Natural Products via Novel C-C Bond-Forming Processes, $60,000; Li, Bing, Welch Fndtn., Biochemical and Functional Analysis of Histone Clipping, $60,000; Li, Wen-Hong, CPRIT, Photonic Probes for Functional Analysis of microRNAs and mRNAs in Living Cells, $258,387; Liou, Jen, Welch Fndtn., Novel Imaging Probes for Investigating ER-Plasma Membrane Junctions, $60,000; Liu, Qinghua, Welch Fndtn., Mechanistic Studies of Drosophila RNA Interference Pathway, $60,000; Liu, Xin, Welch Fndtn., Structural and Biochemical Studies of Gene Repression by Polycomb Repressive Complex 2: Catalysis and Recruitment, $60,000; Liu, Yi, Welch Fndtn., Biochemical Mechanisms of Small RNA Production Pathways, $100,000.

Lu, Richard, Natl. Multiple Sclerosis Society, MicroRNA Control of Myelination and Remyelination in Central Nervous System, $165,202; Lu, Richard, Natl. Multiple Sclerosis Society, Chromatin Remodeling in Oligodendrocyte Myelination and Remyelination, $34,375; Luebke, Kevin, CPRIT, Suppressing Maturation of Oncogenic MicroRNA with Small Molecules, $244,204; Lum, Lawrence, CPRIT, Molecularly Targeted Anti-Cancer Therapeutic Strategy Premised Upon Attack of Aberrant Wnt Pathway Responses, $435,204; MacMillan, John, Welch Fndtn., NMR Methods for Deconvolution of Complex Spectra, $60,000; Mahendroo, Mala, Burroughs Wellcome Fund, Dynamic Architecture of Cervical Collagen by SHG Endoscopy, $150,000; Malloy, Craig, CPRIT, TAMU-UT Southwestern Partnership for Cancer Imaging and Spectroscopy at 7 Tesla, $344,016; Mangelsdorf, David, Welch Fndtn., Ligand Binding Properties of Nematode Orphan Nuclear Receptors, $100,000; Olson, Eric, American Heart Assn., DeHaan Cardiac Myogenesis Research Center, $500,000.

Orth, Kim, Welch Fndtn., Elucidate Biochemical Mechanism Used by Vibrio VopQ to Induce Autophagy, $100,000; Parada, Luis, CPRIT, Genetic Mouse Models of Glioma: Translational Tool for Therapeutic Development, $271,948; Phillips, Margaret, Welch Fndtn., Enzyme Catalyzed Hypusine Modification in Protozoan S Pathogen Trypanosoma Brucei, $100,000; Radhakrishnan, Arun, Welch Fndtn., Fluorescent Sensors for Measuring Cholesterol in Live Cells, $60,000; Ranganathan, Rama, Welch Fndtn., Structural Principles of Protein Robustness and Evolvability, $100,000; Ready, Joseph, CPRIT, Evaluating Therapeutic Potential of Potent Anti-Cancer Agent, $239,709; Ready, Joseph, Welch Fndtn., Allene Ligands in Asymmetric Catalysis, $75,000; Rizo-Rey, Jose, Welch Fndtn., NMR Methods to Study membrane Proteins in Lipid Bilayers, $60,000; Rosen, Michael, Welch Fndtn., Phase Transitions in Multivalent Macromolecular Assembly, $75,000.

Rosenbaum, Daniel, Searle Scholars Program, Mechanisms of Integral Membrane Signaling Proteins Involved in Human Disease, $100,000; Rosenbaum, Daniel, Welch Fndtn., Stabilization of Active and Inactive Conformations of Orexin Receptors for Crystallization, $60,000; Sadek, Hesham, Gilead Sciences, Glycolytic Cardiac Stem Cells, $65,000; Scherer, Philipp, Juvenile Diabetes Research Fndtn., Beta-Cytotrophic Actions on Islets, $250,000; Scherer, Philipp (I. Wernstedt, Fellow), Gothenburg Univ. of Sweden/Vinnova, Building Better Fat Pads: Cure for Metabolic Syndrome?, $88,928; Tu, Benjamin, Welch Fndtn., Selective Regulation of Autophagy by Metabolic State, $60,000; Uyeda, Kosaku, Welch Fndtn., Biochemical Mechanism of Glucose Sensing and Regulation of ChREBP Activity, $60,000; Wan, Yihong, CPRIT, Osteoclast Regulation of Bone Metastasis of Cancer, $315,789; Ward Ober, Sally, Natl. Multiple Sclerosis Society, Antigen Targeting and Tolerance in Murine EAE, $161,239; Wu, Jiang, Welch Fndtn., Proteomics Study of Sonic Hedgehog Signaling Transcription, $60,000.

Wu, Lani, CPRIT, Relating Drug Resistance and Tumor Microenvironment to Cancer Cell Heterogeneity, $498,748; Wu, Lani, Welch Fndtn., On Evolution of Drug-Resistant Lung Cancer Subpopulations, $75,000; Yarovinsky, Felix, Welch Fndtn., Structural Basis of Parasite Recognition by TLR11 and TLR12 Receptors, $60,000; Yin, Helen, Howard Hughes Med. Inst., Mechanisms of Disease and Translational Science Graduate Program, $153,125; Yu, Gang, Welch Fndtn., Atomic Structure and Mechanism of Gamma-Secretase Complex, $60,000; Yu, Hongtao, Welch Fndtn., Biochemical and Structural Analysis of Sister-Chromatid Cohesion, $100,000; Yu, Yonghao, Welch Fndtn., Large-Scale Isolation and Identification of Poly-ADP-Ribosylated Proteins, $60,000; Zhang, Chengcheng, CPRIT, Role of IGFBP2 in Acute Myeloid Leukemia, $415,963; Zhang, Chun-Li, Welch Fndtn., Regulation of Orphan Nuclear Receptor TLX by Small Molecules, $60,000; Zhang, Xuewu, Welch Fndtn., Autoinhibition of Plexin by New Conformation-Mediated Dimer, $60,000.

Industry Sponsored Awards, dollar amounts not available – April 2012

Chitnis, Shilpa, Ph2 Study to Compare DM-1992, an Extended-Release Formulation of Levodopa/Carbidopa, to Immediate-Release Carbidopa/Levodopa Tablet in Patients with Advanced Parkinson’s Disease with Motor Fluctuations; Collins, Robert, Ph2 Study of Lenalidomide Regimen, or Azacitidine Plus Lenalidomide Regimen vs Convention Care Regimens for Older Subjects with Newly Diagnosed Acute Myeloid Leukemia; Frohman, Elliot, Ph3 Study of Ocrelizumab in Adults with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis; Iannaccone, Susan, Escalating Dose Study to Assess Single Intrathecal Dose of ISIS 396443 in Patients with Spinal Muscular Atrophy; Jain, Mamta, Ph3 Study of BMS-790052 plus Peg-Interferon Alfa 2a and Ribavirin in Prev Untreated HCV Patients with HIV and HCV; Karri, Sirisha, Study of YONDELIS (Trabectedin) or Dacarbazine for Trtmt of Advncd Liposarcoma or Leimyosarcoma; Lopez, Ximena, BEGIN: Young 1; Trial of Insulin Degludec in Children & Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus; Raskin, Philip, Ph3 Study of Glucose Lowering Effects and Safety of Ranolazine Added to Glimepiride in Sbjs with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

Roland, Peter, Crossover Study of Two Fixed Doses of PF-04958242 in Subjects with Age-Related Sensorineural Hearing Loss; Scherer, Philipp, Adiponectin Receptor Over Expression and Agonism as Therapeutic Anti-diabetic Approach; Szmuk, Peter, Extended Study of Twice Daily Oxycodone Hydrochloride Controlled-Release Tablets in Opioid Experienced Chldrn who Completed OTR3001 Study; Thomas, Philip, Identify Small Molecules that Inhibit Misfolding of Certain Disease-Related Proteins; Verma, Udit, Ph2 Study of GS-6624 with FOLFIRI as 2nd Line Trtmt for Metastatic KRAS or BRAF Mutant Colorectal Adenocarcinoma.