Research Awards — July 2011

Federal Awards

Abrams, John, NIH, Molecular and Genetic Control of Programmed Cell Death, $346,221; Adinoff, Bryon, NIH, Stress, HPA Axis Dysfunction, and Relapse in Alcoholism, $21,564; Alto, Neal, NIH, Type III Effector Regulation of Host GTPase Signaling, $380,842; Altschuler, Steven, NIH, On Emergence of Polarization and Motility Responses from Chemotactic Networks, $300,059; Brown, Kathlynn (T. Diaz, Fellow), NIH, Using Isolated Cell-Specific Peptides to Improve Cancer Immunotherapy, $29,449; Brugarolas, James, NIH, Regulation of mTOR Pathway by Hypoxia and REDDI Protein, $316,002; Buszczak, Michael, NIH, Decoding Stem Cell Chromatin Using Drosophila, $292,364; Buszczak, Michael, NIH, Characterization of Drosophila Germline Stem Cell Chromatin Using ChIP-Seq (MPI), $190,200; Cannon, Stephen, NIH, Molecular Physiology of Myotonia and Periodic Paralysis, $23,765; Carroll, Thomas, NIH, Role of Wnt Signaling in Kidney Tubule Formation, $307,751.

Castrillon, Diego, NIH, Mentoring and Research in Mouse Models of Cancer and Infertility, $128,911; Chen, Chuo, NIH, Identifying Molecular Targets and Biological Signatures of CAM Natural Products, $452,935; Chiang, Cheng-Ming, NIH, Regulation of p53 Transcription by Viral Oncoproteins and Covalent Modifications, $289,351; Choi, Changho, NIH, Novel High-Field MRS Study of CNS Neurotransmitter Function in Schizophrenia, $237,750; Cleaver, Ondine, NIH, Endothelial Signals During Organogenesis, $278,976; Cleaver, Ondine, NIH, Endothelial Signals During Organogenesis-Diversity Supplement, $61,334; Cobb, Melanie, NIH, Insulin-Regulated MAP Kinase Pathways, $446,711; Cobb, Melanie, NIH, Cell & Molecular Biology Training Program, $405,444; Cobb, Melanie, NIH, Regulation and Function of STE20-Related Protein Kinases, $29,227; Cowan, Christopher, NIH, Signaling Mechanisms of Retinal Axon Guidance, $335,729; Cowan, Christopher, NIH, Signaling Mechanisms of Retinal Axon Guidance-Diversity Supplement, $56,156.

Crandall, Craig, NIH, Control of Skin Blood Flow and Sweating in Grafted Skin, $29,313; Dowling, Michael, Univ. of California, San Francisco/NIH, Vascular Effects of Infection in Pediatric Stroke: VIPS, $6,123; Elmquist, Joel, NIH, CNS Pathways Regulating Ghrelin Effects on Body Weight, $307,751; Emslie, Graham, NIH, Pediatric MDD: Sequential Treatment with Fluoxetine and Relapse Prevention CBT (MPI), $38,526; Falck, J. Russell, NIH, Novel Eicosanoids: Synthesis and Function, $403,523; Falck, J. Russell, Med. College of Wisconsin/NIH, Cytochrome P450 Eicosanoids and Myocardial Injury, $23,578; Fitzgerald, John, Duke Univ. Med. Ctr./NIH, IPF-PANTHER: Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Clinical Research Network, $19,051; Garcia, Joseph, NIH, Molecular Mechanisms Dictating Sirt1/HIF-2 Signaling During Hypoxia, $302,000.

Gardner, Kevin, NIH, Molecular Biophysics Predoctoral Training Program, $123,896; Ghose, Subroto, NIH, Gene Environment Interaction in Schizophrenia, $167,724; Gill, Michelle, Univ. of Wisconsin/NIH, Inner City Asthma Consortium (ICAC): Asthma Phenotypes in Inner City (APIC) Mechanistic Study, $40,834; Goldstein, Joseph, NIH, Molecular Basis of Cholesterol Metabolism, $5,423,793; Goodman, Joel, NIH, Simple Cellular Model for Lipodystrophy, $27,977; Grinnell, Frederick, NIH, Development of In Vitro Wound Healing Model, $28,679; Habib, Amyn, NIH, Role for RIP1 in Gliomagenesis, $307,720; Hamra, Franklin, NIH, Sperm Stem Cell Libraries for Biological Research, $614,332; Henkemeyer, Mark, NIH, Bidirectional Tyrosine Kinase Signaling, $408,759; Hiesinger, Robin, NIH, Regulation of Synaptic Specificity in Visual System by Intracellular Trafficking, $373,032; Hobbs, Helen, NIH, Role of PNPLA3 in Fatty Liver Disease, $364,550; Hobbs, Helen, NIH, Role of ABCG5 and ABCG8 in Sterol Metabolism, $39,857.

Hooper, Lora (B. Duerkop, Fellow), NIH, Interactions of Commensal Bacterium with Intestinal Mucosal Surface, $51,326; Hsieh, Jenny, NIH, Epigenetic Regulation of Adult Neurogenesis, $306,269; Igarashi, Peter, NIH, Renal Control of Body Composition and Blood Pressure, $280,605; Jacobe, Heidi, NIH, Assessment in Morphea for Establishment of Non-Cutaneous Disease (AMEND), $115,510; Janowski, Bethany, NIH, Molecular Switches: Regulatory RNAs Targeting Nuclear Hormone Receptor Promoters, $246,201; Jarrett, Robin, NIH, Prophylactic Cognitive Therapy for Depression, $28,619; Jiang, Li, NIH, Regulation of Adenylyl Cyclase VII and Its Function in Immune System (MPI), $28,677; Jiang, Qiu-Xing, NIH, Obtaining 3D Structures with Subnanogram Macromolecules, $253,896; Journeycake, Janna, UT Health Science Center at Houston/NIH, Prevention of Complications of Bleeding Disorders thru Hemophilia Treatment (Journeycake), $51,325.

Karandikar, Nitin (A. Tyler, Fellow), NIH, Immunotherapy Induced Regulation of Demyelinating Disease, $28,850; Kavalali, Ege, NIH, Role of SNARE Interactions in Central Synapse Function, $35,325; Klesse, Laura, Univ. of Alabama/DOD, Neurofibromatosis Consortium (STARS-Protocol 101 Lovastatin), $13,568; Kohler, Jennifer, NIH, Metabolic Incorporation of Photocrosslinking Sugars to Study Sialoside Function-Diversity Supplement, $16,504; Kohler, Jennifer (N. Pham, Fellow), NIH, Sialic Acid Has Putative Signaling Roles in Muscle Disorders of Aging, $29,026; Kraus, William, NIH, Role of PARP-1 in Hormone-Regulated Transcription, $316,077; Lavery, Lawrence, NIH, Therapeutic Stockings to Prevent Foot Ulcers, $89,530; Leitch, Marilyn, Natl. Surgical Adjuvant Breast & Bowel/NIH, STAR P-2 Trial Service Agreement, $34,800; Leitch, Marilyn, Duke Univ. Med. Ctr./NIH, ACOSOG Admin Coordinating Ctr; Site 119, $34,000.

Levine, Benjamin, Natl. Space Biomedical Research Inst., Cardiovascular Imaging and Strategies to Mitigate Risk for Cardiac Events in Astronauts during Prolonged Spaceflight, $362,447; Levine, Beth, NIH, Beclin 1-Bcl-2 Interactions: Effects on Autophagy, $307,811; Levine, Beth, NIH, Infectious Diseases Training Program, $112,327; Li, Bing, NIH, Mechanism for Chromatin Modification during Transcription Elongation, $298,139; Li, Shuxin, NIH, Overcoming Glial Scar Inhibitions on Axonal Growth, $15,850; Lin, Rueyling, NIH, CCCH Zinc-Finger Proteins and Transcriptional Repression in Germline Blastomeres in C. Elegans, $307,751; Livingston, Edward, NIH, TORS 10: Human Biology Core, $351,158; Lu, Hanzhang, NIH, Modulation of Brain Activity by Control of Inspired Air, $361,759; Mangelsdorf, David, Baylor College of Med./NIH, Nuclear Receptors and Coregulators in Health and Disease-Collaborative Bridging Project (CBP), $300,000; Mangelsdorf, David, Baylor College of Med./NIH, Nuclear Receptors and Coregulators in Health and Disease-Genomics Proj 2a, $169,560.

Marciano, Denise, NIH, Role of p120 Catenin in Metanephric Kidney Development, $148,500; McKnight, Steven, NIH, Discovery, Characterization and Preclinical Development of Pro-Neurogenic Drugs (MPI), $1,243,305; Miller, David, Gynecologic Oncology Group/NIH, Corpus Committee Chair Agreement, $11,880; Monteggia, Lisa, NIH, Antidepressants and Intracellular Signaling Linked to BDNF, $35,663; Morrow, John, HRSA, Pre-Doctoral Training in Primary Care, $148,181; Olson, Eric, NIH, MicroRNA Control of Cardiac Gene Expression, Function and Disease-Diversity Supplement, $51,048; Pandita, Tej, NIH, Chromatin Modifying Factor Control Radiation Response and Genomic Stability, $319,944; Pandita, Tej, NIH, Tumor-Cell-Specific Targets for Combined Hyperthermia and Radiation Effects, $319,021; Pandita, Tej, NIH, Functional Characterization of Mammalian MOF Gene Product, $292,116; Pasare, Chandrashekhar, NIH, Toll-Like Receptor Mediated Regulation of Effector and Memory CD4 T Cell Responses, $392,288.

Pascual, Juan, NIH, Glucose Transporter Type 1 Deficiency Syndrome (GD) Collaboration, Education, and Test Translation (CETT) Program for Rare Genetic Diseases, $22,000; Pertsemlidis, Alexander, NIH, MicroRNA Regulation of Drug Sensitivity in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, $260,416; Powell, Craig, NIH, Novel Genetic Models of Autism, $336,813; Punaro, Marilynn, Duke Univ. Med. Ctr./NIH, CARRANet: Accelerating Toward Evidence Based Culture in Pediatric Rheumatology-ARRA Stimulus Funding, $1,646; Raskin, Philip, Case Western Reserve Univ./NIH, Epidemiology of Diabetes Interventions and Complications-Clinical Coordinating Center (EDIC/CC), $65,816; Repa, Joyce, NIH, Nuclear Hormone Receptor Regulation of Cholesterol Absorption, $307,751; Repa, Joyce, NIH, TORS 08: RL9 Interdisciplinary Research Training Program, $126,453; Repa, Joyce, NIH, TORS 08: TL1 Interdisciplinary Research Training Program-Diversity Supplement, $56,512; Repa, Joyce, NIH, TORS 08: TL1 Interdisciplinary Research Training Program, $38,502.

Rosenberg, Roger, Univ. of Washington/NIH, National Alzheimer’s Coordinating Center, $12,874; Roth, Michael, NIH, Novel Inhibitors of Viral Replication (MPI), $400,455; Rothenfluh, Adrian, NIH, Control of Alcohol Responses by Actin-Regulating Genes, $23,038; Rothermel, Beverly, NIH, Calcineurin’s Role in Circadian Regulation of Cardiac Function and Remodeling, $392,500; Russell, David, NIH, TORS 09: Mouse Phenotype Core, $370,840; Sanchez, Pablo, Univ. of Alabama/NIH, Natural History of CMV-Related Hearing Loss and Feasibility of CMV Screening as Adjunct to Hearing Screening in the Newborn, $220,785; Sanchez, Pablo, Duke Univ. Med. Ctr./NIH, Fluconazole Prophylaxis for Prevention of Candidiasis in Infants < 750 Grams Birth Weight, $3,000; Schaffer, Joseph, NIH, NICHD Pelvic Floor Disorders Network Clinical Sites, $98,134; Scherer, Philipp, NIH, Novel Mechanisms Regulating Adipocyte-Brain-Hepatocyte Axis, $1,523,149.

Scheuermann, Richard, Northrop Grumman Corp./NIH, Bioinformatics Resource Center for Biodefense and Emerging/Re-Emerging Infectious Diseases, $424,295; Schiller, Joan, NIH, Physician Scientist Oncology Training Program, $253,900; Schiller, Joan, ECOG/NIH, ECOG Clinical Trials-Federal Payments, $28,500; Self, David (N. Buzin, Fellow), NIH, Role of TrkB Receptor and Its Signaling Pathways in Cocaine Reward and Addiction, $28,822; Shay, Jerry, NIH, Cancer Biology Training Grant, $237,562; Smith, Dean, NIH, Genetic Analysis of Olfaction, $319,720; Snell, William, NIH, Gamete Membrane Adhesion and Fusion during Fertilization, $277,375; Song, Kwang, U.S. Dept. of Defense, Molecularly Targeted Dose Enhancement Radiotherapy Using Gold and Luminescent Nanoparticles in Orthotopic Human Prostate Cancer Rat Model, $56,388; Sperandio, Vanessa, NIH, AI-3 Inhibitors as Treatment for Bacterial Infections, $1,282,801; Sternweis, Paul, NIH, Signal Transduction via Receptors and G Proteins, $31,250; Sternweis, Paul, NIH, Signal Transduction via Receptors and G Proteins-Diversity Supplement, $1,781.

Tamminga, Carol, NIH, Antipsychotic Influence on Altered MTL Neuronal Activity in Schizophrenia, $35,325; Terman, Jonathan, NIH, Molecular Mechanisms of Axon Guidance and Neural Connectivity, $31,793; Thorpe, Philip, U.S. Dept. of Defense, Targeting Phosphatidylserine to Improve Hormone Therapy of Prostate Cancer, $194,390; Varley, Alan, NIH, Interactions of Endotoxin with Plasma and Cells, $11,700; Vusirikala, Madhuri, NATL Marrow Donor Program/NIH, RDSafe: Multicenter Study of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Donor Safety and Quality of Life, $500; Wakeland, Edward, NIH, Genetic Pathways Contributing to SLE Pathogenesis, $29,568; White, Michael, NIH, Components of RAS Mediated Growth Control, $323,709; White, Michael, NIH, RaLGTPase Regulatory Network, $231,481; Wiebe, Deborah, Univ. Of Utah/NIH, Self-Regulation Approach to Diabetes Adherence into Emerging Adulthood, $282,812.

Willson, James, NIH, Cancer Center Support Grant, $1,425,001; Winick, Naomi, Natl. Childhood Cancer Fndtn./NIH, COG Phase 1 Pilot Consortium PCR; #1021, $2,000; Winkler, Wade, NIH, Regulation of Magnesium Homeostasis in Bacillus Subtilis, $233,891; Womack, Kyle, NIH, Radiological Biomarkers for Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration, $115,733; Wright, Woodring, NIH, Gene Expression in Aging and Development, $410,696; Wu, Lani, NIH, Image Based Phenotypic Profiling of Single-Cell Responses to Perturbations, $327,623; Xiao, Guanghua, Natl. Science Fndtn., Collaborative Research: Bayesian Hierarchical Methods for Modeling Chromosomal Spatial Correlation-ARRA Stimulus Funding, $24,091.

Non-Federal Awards

Ahn, Chul, CPRIT, C1: Biostatistics, $109,733; Auchus, Richard, Burroughs Wellcome Fund, Pharmacogenomics of Hypertension, $75,000; Berry, Jarett, American Heart Assn. SW, Lifetime Risks for CVD: Importance of Physical Fitness, $70,000; Bowers, Daniel, St. Jude Children’s Research Hosp., Risk Adapted Therapy For Children Under 3 Yrs. with Embryonal Brain Tumors, High-Grade Glioma, Choroid Plexus Carcinoma or Ependymoma, $2,500; Brekken, Rolf, American Cancer Society, Fibulin-5 as Regulator of Tumor Angiogenesis, $200,000; Brugarolas, James, American Cancer Society, Development of RCC Xenograft Model for Molecularly Targeted Therapies, $240,000; Buchanan, George (J. Barker, Fellow), PhRMA Fndtn., Zinc-Finger Nuclease Targeted Primary Fibroblasts as Vehicles for Systemic Protein Delivery in Mouse Model of Hemophilia A, $9,000; Burgess, Shawn, American Diabetes Assn., Hepatic Mitochondrial Metabolism During Insulin Resistance, $115,000.

Burstein, Ezra, Crohn’s & Colitis Fndtn. Of America, COMMD Proteins and Regulation of Inflammation in IBD, $128,700; Buszczak, Michael (N. Shalaby, Fellow), American Heart Assn. SW, Using Drosophila to Study Role of Histone Deacetylation in Stem Cells, $40,000; Cannon, Stephen, Muscular Dystrophy Assn., Disease Pathogenesis and Modification in Mouse Model of HypoPP, $138,776; Cannon, Stephen, Muscular Dystrophy Assn., Mechanistic Studies on Pathophysiology of Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis, $26,428; Chang, Alice, American Heart Assn. Natl, Is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Associated with Coronary Artery Disease, $132,000; Chen, David, CPRIT, P1: Impact of DNA-PKcs Phosphorylation at T2609 Cluster on Pathway Choice for DNA Double-Strand Break Repair and Tumorigenesis, $263,158; Chen, David, CPRIT, Administrative Core: DNA Double-Strand Break Repair and Genome Stability, $94,736; Chook, Yuh Min, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Mechanisms of CRM1-Mediated Nuclear Export in Leukemia, $110,000.

Choy, Hak, CPRIT, Administrative Core: Technology Directed Advances in Radiation Therapy of Lung Cancer, $117,188; Corbin, Ian, American Gastroenterological Assn., Novel Lipoprotein-Based Nanoparticle Platform for Enhanced Targeting, Detection and Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Using Local Regional Strategies, $60,000; Dutta, Amal, American Liver Fndtn., Regulation of Biliary Secretion and Bile Information by Ca2 -Activated Cl- Channel TMEM16A, $75,000; Elmquist, Joel (J. Sohn, Fellow), American Diabetes Assn., Identification of Central Serotonergic Pathways that Regulate Energy and Glucose Homeostasis, $42,750; Evans, Phil, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Mobile Mammography Outreach, $153,750; Fu, Qi (S. Jarvis, Fellow), American Heart Assn. SW, Neural Control of Blood Pressure during Pregnancy: Racial Comparison, $40,000; Fukuda, Makoto, American Heart Assn. Natl., Cyclic AMP-Regulated Pathways Contribute to Central Leptin Resistance, $77,000.

Gao, Fan, American Heart Assn. Natl., Investigation of Effects of Motorized Facilitated Ankle Stretching, $72,641; Gazdar, Adi, CPRIT, P1: Establishing New Validated Cancer Cell Lines in Vitro, $268,462; Gerber, David, American Society of Clinical Oncology, Pilot Study of Biologic Effects of Chemotherapy plus Bavituximab in Patients w/Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, $66,666; Graff, Jonathan (W. Tang, Fellow), American Heart Assn. SW, Adipose Stem Cells in Adipose Development and Homeostasis, $44,000; Hill, Joseph, CPRIT, P3: Maladaptive Cardiomyocyte Autophagy as Mechanism of Doxorubicin-Induced Heart Failure, $300,000; Hill, Joseph (C. Morales, Fellow), American Heart Assn. SW, Histone Deacetylast-Dependent Regulatioin of Pathological Cardiac Autophagy, $25,000; Hill, Joseph (P. Battiprolu, Fellow), American Diabetes Assn., Forkhead Transcription Factors Modulate Insulin Signaling and Contribute to Pathogenesis of Diabetic Cardiomyopathy, $40,500; Hill, Joseph (Z. Wang, Fellow), American Heart Assn. SW, Unfolded Protein Response: Role in Pathological Cardiac Remodeling, $42,000.

Idris, Ahamed, Univ. of Washington/AHA, Continuation of Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium Registry-AHA, $55,270; Idris, Ahamed, Univ. of Washington/AHA, Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium Registry-AHA, $55,260; Jain, Raksha, Cystic Fibrosis Fndtn., Learning and Leadership Collaborative: Adult Care Quality Improvement II, $21,600; Jiang, Jin (Y. Chen, Fellow), American Heart Assn. SW, Functional Study of GRK and CK1 in Sonic Hedgehog Signaling Pathway, $48,000; Joglar, Jose (R. Torres-Heisecke, Fellow), Medtronic Vascular Inc., Medtronic Fellowship, $40,000; Karp, David (E. Solow, Fellow), American Heart Assn. SW, Analysis of Endothelial Cells in Rheumatoid Arthritis, $48,000; Katafuchi, Takeshi, American Heart Assn. SW, CNP/GC-B system: New Adipogenesis Regulator, $70,000; Lenkinski, Robert, CPRIT, Recruitment of Missing Link, $760,693; Li, Wen-Hong, Juvenile Diabetes Research Fndtn., Measuring Beta Cell Function in Human Islets by MRI, $250,000.

Liang, Guosheng, Ara Parseghian Med. Research Fndtn., NPC1 and NPC2-Mediated Cholesterol Binding and Transfer in Pathogenesis of NPC Disease, $70,000; Liu, Ning, American Heart Assn. Natl., MicroRNA Regulation of Cardiac Stem Cells During Regeneration and Repair, $77,000; Liu, Zhi-Ping (M. Zhu, Fellow), American Heart Assn. SW, Role of FoxO4 in Remodeling Process after Myocardial Infarction, $42,000; Mammen, Pradeep (D. Canseco, Fellow), American Heart Assn. SW, Cytoglobin: Novel Hemoprotein Modulating Cardiomyocyte Homeostasis and Survival, $42,000; Mason, Ralph, CPRIT, C1: In Vivo Imaging Core, $158,144; McKnight, Steven, CPRIT, Administrative Core: Discovery of New Drugs for Treatment of Lung Cancer, $125,258; Mendell, Joshua, CPRIT, Recruitment of Rising Stars, $900,000; Mendell, Kathryn, CPRIT, Recruitment of First-Time, Tenure-Track Faculty Members, $500,000; Minna, John, CPRIT, P1: Molecular Biomarker ID, $367,400.

Olson, Eric, CPRIT, P2: MicroRNA Mechanisms and Therapies to Protect Heart During Cancer Chemotherapy, $300,000; Olson, Eric (E. Small, Fellow), American Heart Assn. Natl., Regulation of Post-MI Cardiac Remodeling and Fibrosis by MRTF-A, $77,000; Olson, Eric (G. Huang, Fellow), Life Sciences Research Fndtn., Epicardium in Heart Development and Regeneration, $56,000; Osier, Emily, UT System, Pediatric Resident Patient Handoffs: Improving Patient Care with Standardized Handoff, $9,885; O'Suilleabhain, Padraig, Univ. Of Rochester/HP Therapeutics Fndtn., Cooperative Huntington’s Observational Research Trial (COHORT), $7,320; Ouyang, Zhiming, American Heart Assn. SW, Influence of BosR on RpoS Regulon and Virulence Expression in Borrelia Burgdorferi, $70,000; Parada, Luis (Y. Jiang, Fellow), NARSAD, Histone Methyltransferase Setdb 1 Regulates Depression Related Behavior in the Mouse, $30,000; Parada, Luis Fernando, Goldhirsh Fndtn., Physiologically Relevant Mouse Models of Human Glioma, $200,000.

Peltz, Matthias, American Assn. for Thoracic Surgery, Preservation and Resuscitation of Donor Hearts for Transplantation by Continuous Coronary Sinus Perfusion, $80,000; Posner, Bruce, CPRIT, C2: HTS Core, $485,581; Ranganathan, Rama (F. Poelwijk, Fellow), Helen Hay Whitney Fndtn., Evolutionary Dynamics and Design of Natural Proteins, $51,500; Raskin, Philip (E. Dunnigan, Fellow), Endocrine Fellows Fndtn., QR-Bromocriptine as Adjunct to Insulin and Metformin in Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes, $15,000; Ready, Joseph, CPRIT, P3: Chemistry, $399,947; Ready, Joseph, American Cancer Society, Chemistry and Biology of Anticancer Natural Products, $180,000; Robertson, Danielle, Research to Prevent Blindness, Career Development Award, $50,000; Rothermel, Beverly (M. Iglewski, Fellow), American Heart Assn. SW, Studying Mechanisms of Mitophagy in Heart Failure, $42,000; Sadek, Hesham, American Heart Assn. Natl., Adult Human Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells for Myocardial Regeneration, $132,000.

Sadek, Hesham (A. Mahmoud, Fellow), American Heart Assn. SW, Hey2 is Novel Marker of Cardiac Fibroblasts, $25,000; Satterthwaite, Anne Bristol, Alliance for Lupus Research, Functional Relationships between Lupus Susceptibility Loci Lyn and Ets1, $162,743; Scherer, Philipp (Q. Wang, Fellow), American Diabetes Assn., Adipocyte Birth, Death and Recruitment During Chronic Excess Caloric Intake, $42,750; Scherer, Philipp (Y. Deng, Fellow), American Diabetes Assn., Inducible Activation of XBP-1 Unfolded Protein Response Pathway: Implication for Beta Cell Survival, $36,900; Schiller, Joan, ECOG/Frontier Science & Tech, ECOG Clinical Trials-Non-Federal Payments, $680; Schneider, Jay, CPRIT, P5: Coronary Microvasculature as Target for Cardioprotection for Cancer-Therapy Induced Heart Failure, $262,527; Schneider, Jay, CPRIT, Administrative Core: Cardiotoxicity of Cancer Chemotherapy: Novel Mechanisms and Therapeutic Strategies, $78,168; Seidel, Michelle (S. Baek, Fellow), American Heart Assn. SW, Role of Capsulin in Epicardial Cell Development, $25,000.

Shay, Jerry (A. Roig, Fellow), American Gastroenterological Assn., Validating Colorectal Cancer Candidate Mutations Using Adult Human Colonic Epithelial Cells, $60,000; Sun, Xiankai, CPRIT, Acquisition of Biomedical Cyclotron and Development of Comprehensive Positron Emission Tomography Program at UT Southwestern for Cancer Research, $3,000,000; Tamminga, Carol (E. Ivleva, Fellow), American Psychiatric Inst. for Research & Education, Examining Medial Temporal Lobe Functional Imaging Memory Endophenotypes in Biological Relatives of Probands with Schizophrenia, $20,000; Thomas, Philip, Cystic Fibrosis Fndtn., Development of Methods and Reagents for Assessing CFTR Folding, $75,000; Thorpe, Philip, CPRIT, P2: Analysis of Determinants of Anti-Tumor Activity of Engineered Antibodies and Antibody Fusions in Mouse Models, $291,409; Timmerman, Robert, CPRIT, P1: Realizing Technological Advances; State of Texas Advanced Radiation Therapy (START) Trials, $295,056.

Umetani, Michihisa, American Diabetes Assn., Modulation of Adiposity 27-Hydroxycholesterol, the First Identified Endogenous SERM, $131,100; Ward Ober, Sally, CPRIT, P1: Engineering Antibodies and Antibody Fusion Proteins that Target PS to Produce New Generation Therapeutics, $299,438; Ward Ober, Sally, CPRIT, Administrative Core: Engineering Anti-Phosphatidylserine Antibodies for Cancer Therapy, $99,797; White, Michael, CPRIT, Cancer Intervention and Prevention Discoveries Program, $960,526; White, Michael, CPRIT, P2: Compound Target ID; Discovery of New Drugs for Treatment of Lung Cancer, $569,082; White, Michael, CPRIT, P3: Mapping Landscape of Conditional Vulnerabilities in Ovarian Cancer, $263,157; White, Michael (M. Potts, Fellow), Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Genotype-Specific MicroRNA Function in Breast Cancer, $60,000; Williams, Noelle, CPRIT, C3: Pharmacology Core, $342,435.

Xing, Chao, American Heart Assn. Natl., Identifying Less Frequent Variants with Large Effect Sizes in Genome-Wide Scans, $77,000; Yu, Hongtao, CPRIT, P3: Regulation of DNA Repair Pathway Choice by Cohesin and Smc5/6 Complex, $263,157; Zhang, Chun-Li, American Heart Assn. Natl., Nuclear Receptor TLX-Dependent Adult Neurogenesis After Stroke, $77,000; Zhang, Hong, American Heart Assn. SW, Regulation of Flavocoenzyme Homeostasis, $70,000; Zhang, Xuewu, American Heart Assn. SW, Study of Mechanism FARP2 Regulation by Plexin, $70,000.

Industry Sponsored Awards, dollar amounts not available

Anderson, Larry, Study Comparing Carfilzomid, Lenalidomide and Dexamethasone (CRd) vs. Lenalidomide and Dexamethasone (Rd) in Subjects with Relapsed Multiple Myeloma; Barnes, Aliessa, Pharmacokinetics and Safety of Valganciclovir in Pediatric Heart Transplant Recipients less than 4 Months of Age; Bush, Nicol, Self-Esteem and Feelings of Loss and Shame in Adolescents with Testicular Loss due to Testicular Torsion; Cannon, Carolyn, Trial to Evaluate MP-376 Inhalation Solution (Aeroquin) vs Tobramycin Inhalation Solution (TIS) in Stable Cystic Fibrosis Patients; Gul, Fatma, Study of Dysport Used for Treatment of Lower Limb Spasticity in Adult Subjects with Hemiparesis due to Stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury; Gul, Fatma, Study of Repeated Treatment of Dysport Intramuscular Injection for Lower Limb Spasticity in Adult Subjects with Spastic Hemiparesis due to Stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury.

Lopez, Ximena, Trial to Assess Safety/Tolerability, Pharmacokinetic & Pharmacodynamic of Liraglutide in Pediatric (10-17 Yrs.) and Adult Subjects with Type 2 Diabetes; Markham, David, Study of Blood Pressure Measurement in Patients with Non-Pulsatile Left Ventricular Assist Devices; Miller, David, Study of Orally Admin BKM120 as 2nd-Line Therapy in Patients with Advanced Endometrial Carcinoma; Pawlowski, Karen, Effects of Absorbance Enhancers on Antibiotic Concentrations in Middle Ear after Ototopical Application; Raskin, Philip, Study to Evaluate Cardiovascular Safety of Linagliptin vs Glimepiride in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus at High Cardiovascular Risk: CAROLINA Trial; Rhee, Chanhaeng, Effect of Liraglutide on Body Weight in Non-Daibetic Obese Subjects or Overweight Subjects with Co-Morbidities.